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April Classes

Cheese & Cheesecake    April 12th

RFB Fundamentals        April 10th

3-Day Culinary Class      April 15th – 17th

New! 5-Course Dinner     April 20th


May Classes

Cheese & Cheesecake    May 3rd, 

RFB Fundamentals        May 21st

3-Day Culinary Class      may 22nd – 24th



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We teaching Raw Food Classes in Ubud since 2008 

Ubud is really is a fantastic place to visit and live for anyone who enjoys great tasting raw food.

Fresh, organic, healthy, Raw Food is in abundance in Bali

Thanks to the efforts of a handful of dedicated local farmers, organic vegetables are readily available. Delicious tropical fruits like coconuts, mangoes, soursop, mangosteen and durian grow in many backyards. And world class superfoods such as organic raw cacao beans, irish moss, and virgin coconut oil are rarely more than a phone call away. Raw Food Courses are offered by Raw Food Bali on a consistent basis.

Thanks to this rich natural diversity, Bali is a preferred destination of Raw Foodies from all over the world

Not only does the island attract hundreds of visitors who love eating most of their food raw, it is also home to a thriving community of Raw Foodies, Raw Food Chefs and even a few of the pioneers of the Raw Food Movement.

Raw Food Bali is a portal to the thriving Raw Food World developing here. Check out A Few of the Rawsome Sections of Our Site

Raw Food Courses

Raw Food Courses in Ubud with Raw Food Bali We specialize in running Raw Food Courses and Workshops. We run our public group Workshops in Ubud, and can organize Private Raw Food Classes for individuals, small and large groups across the Island. If you have the thirst for Raw Food and Nutrition Knowledge, we can satisfy it! We offer Raw Food Courses customized to your specific needs, or you can take one of our Designed Courses :

Organic Living in Bali

Organic Living in Bali by Raw Food Bali One of the main focuses of our site is to provide free, useful information to both visitors and residents of Bali, particularly Ubud, on how to live Organically. What this means is that we list all sorts of establishments and information that can help you live the High Raw, Organic, Conscious Lifestyle you choose. Amongst these listings are:

Raw Food Recipes

Raw Food Recipes by Raw Food Bali Our Raw Food Chef whips up some of the most creative, delicious Raw Food on the planet. His passion is Raw Food preparation and he loves to share his concoctions with people. He specializes in developing delicious recipes. On our site you can find some of his favorite Raw Food Recipes, such as :

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