4 Day Intensive Masterclass Junior Chef Certification

Welcome to this 4-Day Raw Food Intensive Masterclass where you will indulge completely into the delicious & nutritious world of raw vegan food. You will not only learn and in the workshops have a Hands On experience but we will also empower you to be equipped with amazing techniques to easily implement a more healthy and vibrant lifestyle into your day to day routine.

During this Masterclass & Hands-On Workshop we will teach you how to prepare and master the specific techniques that will make it so easy for you to enjoy a whole week of Raw Vegan Food. Not only will you understand how to prepare all the recipes, what to shop for and what techniques and skills are used to make the most vibrant food on the planet, you will also be able to implement the things you learn to achieve new tasting, food combining and food completing skills.

There will also be various informational talks about the raw vegan diet and how to easily transition to raw food step by step, as well as other important topics during the class.

For this 22 hour course you will receive your personal certificate of Participation.

Curriculum :
Day1 – Fermentation Workshop
Raw Food Intro
Living Kimchi & Sauerkraut
Non Dairy Yogurt
Non Dairy aged and fresh Cheese`s
Probiotic – Kefir & Kombucha

Day2 – Dehydration
Raw Bread
Raw Crackers
Different Style Wraps
Amazing Salad Toppings
Raw Vegan Pizza

Day3 – Food Combining
Mise en Place – Preparation and Uses
Buddha and other Bowls
More amazing Wraps
Dressings and Sauces for different applications

Day4 – Flavour Balancing
Healthy power Snacks
Breakfast – Porridges, Granolas & Co
The best Gourmet Stuff

Maximum Group size 8 People

Price : 6 Mio IDR per Participant