The 5 Best Raw Food Recipes Creators…IN THE WORLD!!!

When I first got into Raw Food, I had NO FREAKIN CLUE just how fucking awesome, delicious, gourmet and downright mind-blowing the food could be. Oh and Freesh of course. I thought it was all salads and smoothies and I was ready to dig deep and grind out the long, hard, painful road to good health.


How WRONG was I, right?

Since delving into the world of gourmet Raw Food, instead of having a lack of tasty choices be a problem, the opposite has been the case. The dilemma has been; How do I choose which incredible dishes to try to make?

How do I determine which are the Best Raw Food Recipes based on pictures and written recipes alone?

I mean, there’s so many Raw Food Blogs out there. So many talented chefs. So many innovative creative types getting Freesh in the kitchen. At first, it was overwhelming. I kept it simple for a while, sticking to juices, salads, smoothies and granolas with nut milk. Then I was fortunate enough to assist in some Raw Food Classes and take a Raw Chef Certification course. And once I had a nice base of knowledge, I was more able to accurately asses how a Raw Food Recipe would taste just by looking at what was in it.


And of course, pretty pictures help too 😉 This is Raw Cardamom Rose Ginger Ice Cream by Sacred Scoops

After all, they do say that we eat with our eyes before our mouths.

Eventually, I stopped making other peoples’ recipes and started creating my own. And on my site, I will be sharing TONS AND TONS of my Best Raw Food Recipes with you 🙂

However, I want you guys to also know how I got to where I am today. Particularly, who inspired me, and even more so, who taught me in person. I will be making another post in the near future more focused on my teachers, as well as other teachers that come highly recommend by them and other Raw Food Veterans, but today I will be mentioning a few of the Raw Food Geniuses that I had the invaluable opportunity of getting Freesh in the kitchen with.

Without further ado, here is my list of (in no particular order);

The 5 Best Raw Food Recipes Creators…IN THE WORLD!!!!!!

hahaha God I love hyperbole :

1. Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake

Have you seen her Raw Cheesecakes. O. M. G. For seriously. They should be cryogenically frozen and put in a glass display case in a museum instead of eaten. I say that, but if I ever got my hands on one, I would GO TO TOWN!!! And her creativity with Raw Ice Cream flavors is mind-boggling. Here’s a picture of my favorite cake of hers, The PeanutButter Cup Dream Cake. Did I mention that I love Peanut Butter? Almost as much as I love Durian? As far as Raw Cheesecake Recipe Creators go, Amy Lyons, the author of Fragrant Vanilla Cake, might be numero uno.


Not having the Peanut Butter Dream Cake is giving me nightmares.

2. The Fellows Behind Sacred Scoops

Being afforded the chance to watch Alex of Sacred Scoops (and RawGuru.Com) make Raw Durian Ice Cream was a dream come true. A fellow Durian Fiend and renown Raw Food Chef, he let me in on some of the secrets behind the Raw Ice Cream that has got the Island of Bali in a Raw Food Frenzy when I revealed that I had a frozen stash of Durian months after the season ended. It pays to be prepared.


 Normally Alex is better at sharing

Not to be forgotten, co-owner John is another connoisseur of the King of Fruits and together they whip up the BEST Raw Ice Cream in the game. As of right now, I believe that their Tasty Freesh is only available in Bali, but it won’t be long before it goes global. Keep your eyes peeled to this space as I will be making sure to post about Sacred Scoops once they blow up like we thought they would, call the crib same number same hood, it’s all good.

3. Amie Sue of Nouveau Raw

Amie-Sue is like my dream Auntie. Sorry Bonnie, your food still has a ways to go, but I appreciate your effort 😉 She is the pinnacle of traditional American Cuisine turned Raw and Gourmet. And the stories that go along with her recipes are just the sweetest! If I had to pick one Raw Thanksgiving Dinner to go to, it would be hers. She has the most meticulously perfect Raw Food Recipes – every tiny detail has been deliberately examined, and the results are nothing short of spectacular. I haven’t had a Caramel Apple since I was a kid, and i’ve decided to abstain from them from now on, holding out in hopes that the next one I have is her Raw Version and it will be the best moment of my life.


Dear Amy Sue, Will You Please Cater the Next Passover Dinner at the Freesh Household?

4. The Lovely Ladies of Alchemy Bali

When I first acquired RawFoodBali, I wasn’t quite yet ready to teach my own Raw Food Classes. So I was given a list of Raw Food Chefs in town to hit up and organize classes with. Shanti and Lesya, the Head Chefs at Alchemy, one of the Best Raw Food Restaurants in all of Bali (Which happens to be the Raw Food Mecca of the Eastern Hemisphere!), were kind enough to teach a class for me. It was easily one of the most valuable learning experiences I’ve had, and they have been so supportive of me ever since, answering all my questions about Raw Food. And their specialty is… drumroll please… Chocolate! They have some of the Best Raw Chocolate in Bali, an Island that is famous for it’s fresh organic Cacao.


Oh My Goji Indeed! This only costs like 2 dollars. Did I mentioned Eating Freesh in Bali is awesome?

5. Susan Powers of Rawmazing

What really sets Susan apart from many other Raw Food Chefs is, for me, her photography. Not sure I’ve seen anyone take as beautiful of pictures on as consistent a basis as her. Combine that with her chic, high-end restaurant style recipes, and you’ve got yourself a Raw Food All-Star. I mean, until I saw this recipe of hers, the idea of a pink cheese made me recoil in disgust instead of drool in desire, as I’m doing right now. But tell me you don’t want to eat her Raw Cranberry Walnut Cheese and I shan’t believe you!


Truly Rawmazing

I sincerely hope you’ve enjoyed my list of the 5 Best Raw Food Recipes Creators in the game. I know that you can’t get the Sacred Scoops or Alchemy recipes now, but you can be damn sure that I’ll try to get them to share some! And when they do, you’ll be the first to know.

In the meanwhile, it would take you a lifetime to go through all of the incredible recipes that Rawmazing, Nouveau Raw and Fragrant Vanilla Cake have Freeshed up (not to mention your boy Jonny Freesh!), so what are you waiting for? Get Freeshin!

  1. Thank you so much for including me :)!

    • You’re very welcome 🙂 Thank YOU so much Amy for creating such Incredible Recipes! Keep on Freeshin!

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