8 Mind-Blowing Things I Learned during Elaina Love & Chris Whitcoe’s Pure Joy Academy Raw Food Chef and Detox Course

Dr. Nick Iatrogenesis

Any of you who read my newsletter know that over the past month I have been taking the Pure Joy Academy Raw Food Chef & Detox Certification course with Elaina Love and Chris Whitcoe. Well it just ended this week, and while it would it would be impossible for me to share all of the mind-blowing information that I picked up throughout the course, I thought I would share some particularly fascinating, awesome, enlightening, and sometimes horrifying things that I learned.

1. Would you like some Iron Filings with your Corn Flakes?

Iron deficiency is a common health concern these days. Food companies have taken advantage of consumers’ desire to solve this issue by adding Iron to many products and advertising it. One of the most prevalent foods in the average Western pantry that tends to be fortified with Iron is breakfast cereal. After you watch this video, you might think twice before believing that your supercharged Corn Flakes can really mitigate your mineral deficiency. There’s no way the human body is happy when you feed it that…

2. Breast Milk is only 5% Protein

Chris mentioned several times during the course that the number one fear people have when considering switching to a vegan diet is where they’ll get their protein from. He said it was the first question most people asked him when they discovered he ate a raw vegan diet. I’m going to write another full post about the whole protein debacle, but just this one fact was enough to back up my belief that we don’t require animal protein to survive. Proteins, or really the Amino Acids they are comprised of, are the building blocks of life. At what other point in our lives do we need protein more than when we’re babies? Babies survive and thrive solely off of their mothers’ milk (provided the mother is healthy and consequently her milk is too), so if it only contains 5% protein than that is the maximum amount we need as adults. During the course they gave us the figure 5%, and wikipedia has it even lower, at less than 1%! SelfNutritionData has it at 1.2% of the total composition, as well as only 6% of the caloric composition.

3. Cuba is the Most Self-Sufficient Country in the World, Thanks to the US Trade Embargo

CLICK HERE!!! to Buy My Foolproof One Step Plan to National Food Supply Self-Sufficiency! Wait, actually I’ll just give it away for free since it’s only one sentence long; get the United States to issue a Trade Embargo on you! Cuba has developed a highly inspirational and innovative urban agricultural program that has made the whole country almost entirely self-sufficient. The program was born out of necessity, but it probably won’t be long before other countries are mimicking it out of want. It’s so impressive that people are writing entire books about it.


Cuba – A Great Place to be A Raw Foodie!

4. Sprouting Nuts & Seeds can Multiply the Nutritional Content by 10-40 Times

Elaina mentioned that certain nutrients could increase in content by 10-40 times in sprouts. She said this about various nutrients, with the amounts ranging anywhere from 10-40 times. About.com says that vitamins can multiply 15 times. Sacred Source Nutrition says that certain nutrients can increase by anywhere from 35-1300 percent, including all of the essential amino acids (for those of you who are still afraid you’re not going to get enough protein in your diet if you eat mostly raw).

5. Doctors’ Treatments cause so many Negative Effects & Harmful Consequences that there is a Word for it – Iatrogenesis

This is both unsurprising and appalling. Chris cited an instance when a doctor strike in a country that I can’t recall at the moment coincided perfectly with the steep decline of an outrageously high infant mortality rate that was at the root of the strike in the first place. When the strike ended, the rate shot right back up. I couldn’t find anything about that particular example of Iatrogenesis online, but there is certainly not a lack of choices. According to one medical information site it is even considered a disease; the 3rd most fatal in America at that!


Is this your doctor?

6. Fluoride was used as a Neurotoxin to keep Inmates Passive in Concentration Camps

You’ve all probably heard by now that fluoride is a key ingredient in rat poison. Well here’s another tidbit of information that demonstrates just how messed up it is that we put it in our water supply. Hitler used it as a Neurotoxin to induce a zombie-like trance in the inmates of his concentration camps. Great! Can I have another glass of zombie juice please?

7. A Calorie is the Amount of Energy Required to Heat one Gram of Water by 1°C

If your first response to this one is, “Duuhhh,” then please excuse my ignorance. To me, it was quite shocking to discover that a calorie is a measurement of heat. Because, there is no fire in the human body. Something that Chris loved to reiterate during the course, justifiably so. We are almost entirely comprised of water. So why exactly is it important how much heat my food can create? Our cells don’t burn anything to provide energy to the body. To say that a calorie is a calorie is a calorie is not just incorrect, it’s irrelevant. The human body is an ecosystem influenced by a myriad of factors, and counting, let alone worrying, about how many calories one consumes is simply a waste of time and energy.

8. Bananas aren’t even one of the Top 50 Foods Rich in Potassium

This was downright astonishing to me. It shattered my reality. This is just common knowledge, right? If you are deficient in potassium you eat bananas, right? Wrong. Well, not entirely; bananas are still a good source of potassium. However, according to SelfNutritionData.Com, it’s only the 49th richest fruit in potassium! Crazy. If you want to boost your potassium intake you’d be better off eating melons, papayas, or even lemons. And the food highest in potassium? Coffee. Would not have guessed that.

I hope I’ve blown your mind as much as Chris and Elaina did mine.

Much Love to My People that are Asking Questions