About Raw Food Chef Mathias

About Raw Food Chef Mathias

Mathias is a Holistic Raw Food Chef and Health Educator. He finished his raw chef training from the globally recognized Pure Joy Culinary Academy. He is the owner of Raw Food Bali and is currently teaching raw food classes in Ubud, the raw food mecca of the eastern hemisphere!

The History of Raw Food Bali This company is entrenched in the history of the development of the Raw Food Movement in Ubud and Bali. Started by Raw Food Nutrition Expert Mark Ament back in 2007 and grown with the help of Raw Chef Leah Rinaldi, many of the first Raw Food Classes in Ubud were run by the dynamic duo. Amongst the current Raw Food Chefs of Ubud that studied under the original Raw Food Bali Squad are Dayu of Dayu’s Warung, Wayan of Alchemy and Adi of Kafe, to name a couple. In 2012, Jon Dale took over. In November 2015, the keys to the Rawesomest website in Bali were handed over to Raw Food Chef Mathias.  

picture of raw food chef Mathias

Raw Chef Mathias

The Present of Raw Food Bali In order to align his personal purpose on this Earth with the mission of the business, Raw Food Chef Mathias have made the goal of Raw Food Bali to provide the resources, information and education required by those who desire to eat organic, healthy, and raw, particularly in Bali. To facilitate this he provide his skills and knowledge to those who are in need of them. These tools have bloomed from an education in raw food from Elaina Love’s Pure Joy Academy, a love of Bali, a growing experience in personal Juice Fasting and Detoxification, and an unbridled passion for creating Raw Delicacies that will rock your world! His Vision To see this magical Island rejoice in a creative illustration of healthy, flourishing, beautiful life. Through the combination of the organic farming movement, the powerful local culture that will forever be entrenched in the communities of Bali, and the altruistic contributions of authentic ex-pats, we can create a paradise where people thrive in every moment until they die; where the truth shines through the veil of every lie. 

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