Asian Wheatgrass Soup

A while back a friend of mine from Jakarta asked me to send her a bunch of wheatgrass powder because it was much cheaper here in Bali. I accidentally ordered frozen wheatgrass powder that would’ve gone bad if I tried to ship it. So I ended up with a whole bunch of wheatgrass powder. Not the worst problem to have 😉

I mostly took it as shots and put it in juices and smoothies, but I also tried it out in some soups. It’s a pretty strong flavor so I found it a wee bit difficult to get these soups tasting really nice, but this wheatgrass soup came out quite beautifully.

It’s got a strong aromatic asian flavor and I added a hint of sweetness and a bunch of texture with chopped papaya, apple and cucumber.


Serves 1-2 people as a main, or 2-3 people as an appetizer

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