An Interview with Raw Dessert Master Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake – Plus Her Recipe for Raw Mini Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Pies!!!

Amy Lyons is the mastermind behind the Raw Dessert Nirvana of a Blog that is Fragrant Vanilla Cake. She loves to run, eat real, healthy food, and Freesh up stunningly beautiful and incredibly delicious Raw Dessert Recipes. She makes some damn tasty savory recipes as well, but has developed a following for her desserts. Learn […]

Philly Cheese Steak – The Raw, Vegan & Healthy Version

Before I feasted on raw food that was almost entirely vegan, (Oh My Gosh yes I eat honey so I guess you could say I’m Beegan!), You could often find me at a fast food restaurant seated, Snackin on crap that was packed with greases, meats, processed breads and sliced philly cheeses, and afterwards i’d […]

How to Sprout Chickpeas Easily

I’ve talked about how much I love sprouted foods a few times before, and I’ve slowly but surely started to add recipes with sprouted foods in them to the site. Like this Sprouted Lentil Hummus Recipe that also works as crackers, and these Goji Berry Flax Crackers. As you can see, I quite like using […]

Raw Truffles Recipe – Durian Chocolate Mesquite

Hey, did I mention that I love Durian? What about Chocolate? Many, many times you say? Oh yeah, that’s right, now I remember 😉 Well I haven’t been so outspoken about Mesquite Powder, so I’ll talk about that instead this time. It’s really delicious. Really, really delicious. This is the first time I used it […]

Hot Mustard

Recently I posted a recipe for a Miso Mustard Salad Dressing and I talked a bit about how awesome of an ingredient mustard. Particularly in salad dressings, throwing some mustard in the mix is an almost sure-fire way to guarantee your dressing comes out delicious. If you like mustard of course 🙂 I have two […]

Raw Miso Mustard Dressing

I’ve got a few ingredients that I consistently put into salad dressings because they so consistently aid in the creation of magical concoctions. One of those is Miso. Another one is Mustard. This Raw Miso Tahini Mustard Dressing has both!!! Miso Mustard Dressing with a Kale Jicama Salad Using young coconut meat as a base […]

Raw Tamarind Pineapple Jam Recipe

For a dude that used to live off peanut butter and jam sandwiches, I surprisingly haven’t made that many Jams since I started working in the culinary arts. I still haven’t made a Raw Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwich, (mainly because I can’t get jungle peanuts here without paying a fortune, so I can’t make […]