Raw Fudge Recipe – Chocolate Durian


I had some Lemongrass Macadamia Icing from a cake leftover!

Whenever I need to whip up a dessert quick fast that I know is going to be delicious and beautiful, I go with one of my super easy raw fudge recipes. It takes 5-10 minutes max using this template to Freesh up a gourmet raw fudge that will blow your friends and family away.…

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Raspbuttery Raw Chocolate Truffles

Raspbuttery Raw Chocolate Truffles
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How to Make a Raw Chocolate Recipe TRULY RAW!!!


It Breaks My Heart when Raw Chocolate isn’t Truly Raw

I’ve seen people making a number of different Raw Chocolate Recipes many a time.

And I see one common and HUGE MISTAKE made ALL THE TIME!

And it makes their so called “Raw Chocolate” not really Raw. At all.

It all comes down to the Bain Marie.…

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Raw Chocolate Cake with Oooozing Vanilla Coconut Glaze

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