Raw Blue Raspberry Swirl Cake

Do you remember those digusting yet amazing blue raspberry slushies they served at the movie theatres and amusement parks as a kid? Easily my favorite flavor of all the fake flavors they invented to get kids going bananas. Blue was my favorite color, I loved raspberries, and anything that was clearly not healthy really got […]

Hot and Sour Tangy Papaya Pie

A couple months back my videographer & typographer friend (his work is awesome) met a travel photographer who wanted to film a webisode about food in Bali. My friend was filming, and suggested that I would be a good host. It made perfect sense, as the photographer was very interested in Durian and wanted to […]

7 Raw Dessert Recipes that will Rock Your World

Raw Dessert Recipes are not in short supply. With good reason. They are easy to make, taste incredible and the healthiest of all desserts on the planet! So if you’re trying to figure out which one to make, it can be a difficult decision. So many choices. How do you tell which ones are good […]

Jack’s Passion Freesh Cake

Something that often comes up in my Raw Food Workshops is the names we give to our food. In that subject, the type of food that comes up the most often is the Raw Cheesecake. I often hear, “It was delicious, but it wasn’t a cheesecake, and by having it called that, it made my […]

Raw Fudge Recipe – Chocolate Durian

I had some Lemongrass Macadamia Icing from a cake leftover! Whenever I need to whip up a dessert quick fast that I know is going to be delicious and beautiful, I go with one of my super easy raw fudge recipes. It takes 5-10 minutes max using this template to Freesh up a gourmet raw […]

Raw Pecan Mango Pie Recipe

Pecans almonds and walnuts All of the freeshest products from whole foods told you Lots of gojis chias and buckwheat pitas If you ask me bro on what you can catch me snackin’ yo I snap back sprouted and dehydrated pistachios! That’s a mini verse from one of my unreleased songs, that will be coming […]

Raspbuttery Raw Chocolate Truffles

The Vengeful Bali Internet Gods have been inflicting their wrath upon me this week, so I’m not going to dawdle. Basically, these Raspbuttery Chocolate Truffles are like Crack. Decadent. Creamy. FREESH! So yeah, make them. You won’t regret it. I also feel like some videos could be really beneficial to demonstrate how to do this, […]

How to Make a Raw Chocolate Recipe TRULY RAW!!!

It Breaks My Heart when Raw Chocolate isn’t Truly Raw I’ve seen people making a number of different Raw Chocolate Recipes many a time. And I see one common and HUGE MISTAKE made ALL THE TIME! And it makes their so called “Raw Chocolate” not really Raw. At all. It all comes down to the […]

Raw Chocolate Cake with Oooozing Vanilla Coconut Glaze

Ooooooozzzzeeee Baby Ooooooozzzzzeeeee (Sing it with me!!!!) I absolutely love Raw Chocolate. One of the best things about Bali is the incredible Local, Raw, and Organic Cacao Products. So needless to say, I make a lot of Chocolate dishes. This Raw Chocolate Cake Recipe is one I developed for a student who wanted to learn […]

Raw Coconut Durian Fudge Recipe

Go Make this Raw Coconut Durian Fudge Recipe Right Now! You Won’t Regret it. I Promise Well it has been a long last few weeks. My dreams are filled with WordPress plugins and css codes. But it has all been worth it. My new site is finally up and running, and the Durians have started […]