Raspberry Chocolate Freezer Fudge

I’m all about my super easy freezer fudge recipes. They’re one of the easiest and most reliable dessert recipes in my raw food repertoire. They take no time to prepare, have a delicious thick, gooooooey texture and an even tastier flavor. You can put this recipe into silicon chocolate molds like I did to make […]

Raw Sweet Pecan Chewy Chocolate Bars

If I had to pick a favorite nut, Pecans would probably win. Right up there with hazelnuts. And both of them go just divinely with Chocolate. Which is pretty darn important. If you ask me 😉 Speaking of Raw Chocolate, have you seen the Music Video for my Raw Chocolate Song?!?! If you enjoyed the […]

Raw Truffles Recipe – Durian Chocolate Mesquite

Hey, did I mention that I love Durian? What about Chocolate? Many, many times you say? Oh yeah, that’s right, now I remember 😉 Well I haven’t been so outspoken about Mesquite Powder, so I’ll talk about that instead this time. It’s really delicious. Really, really delicious. This is the first time I used it […]

Raw Truffles : Instant Gooey Blueberry Chocolate

Raw Truffles can be done in a couple ways. One is slightly more advanced, complex, can take a few hours and requires a liquid raw chocolate mixture. The other way is reaaalllyyyy easy, simple and super fast. We’re going to cover the latter today. YaAaY!! Raw Truffles of the Blueberry Chocolate Variety I really love […]

Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe with Durian Vanilla Filling

My 1st Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe! Hope Bubby don’t see this 😉 When I was a young lad I had some serious jealousy issues. Particularly during holiday season. As a boy of the Jewish faith, I was never satisfied with our holidays. Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Passover. They all seemed to pale in comparison to the […]

Raw Chocolate Banana Fudge

Banana and Chocolate go together like Big Pun and Jennifer Lopez. If that song doesn’t get you feelin’ so good, then perhaps this Raw Chocolate Banana Fudge will. And if neither does, then there’s something seriously wrong with you. Just kidding. I swear 😉 Banana Fudge is definitely Freesh Normally I prefer to make fudge […]

Raspbuttery Raw Chocolate Truffles

The Vengeful Bali Internet Gods have been inflicting their wrath upon me this week, so I’m not going to dawdle. Basically, these Raspbuttery Chocolate Truffles are like Crack. Decadent. Creamy. FREESH! So yeah, make them. You won’t regret it. I also feel like some videos could be really beneficial to demonstrate how to do this, […]

How to Make a Raw Chocolate Recipe TRULY RAW!!!

It Breaks My Heart when Raw Chocolate isn’t Truly Raw I’ve seen people making a number of different Raw Chocolate Recipes many a time. And I see one common and HUGE MISTAKE made ALL THE TIME! And it makes their so called “Raw Chocolate” not really Raw. At all. It all comes down to the […]

Raw Chocolate Cake with Oooozing Vanilla Coconut Glaze

Ooooooozzzzeeee Baby Ooooooozzzzzeeeee (Sing it with me!!!!) I absolutely love Raw Chocolate. One of the best things about Bali is the incredible Local, Raw, and Organic Cacao Products. So needless to say, I make a lot of Chocolate dishes. This Raw Chocolate Cake Recipe is one I developed for a student who wanted to learn […]

Raw Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe

Raw Chocolate Pecan Pie Recipe

I’ve been incorporating Recipe Creation into my Raw Food Classes recently and I’ve been amazed by what we’ve come out with. The first two desserts we made were out of this world. See here and My FREE Recipe Book!!. This was the third time and the charm was in full effect. Delectably rich and teetering […]