Recipe Book Giveaway Plus Raw Stuffed Tomatoes with Herb Tapenade

A couple weeks ago I released a Recipe Book, Raw Food Made Fun, Easy & Beautiful. Yaaaayyyy! It is the culmination of a year’s worth of recipe development and teaching. You can get your copy here. But you may want to wait a second! Today I’ll be running a giveaway for Two Free Copies! Plus I’ll be sharing […]

Flax Crackers Recipe – Sprouted Lentils & Gojiberries

When it comes to making a new flax crackers recipe, there’s a few key components. Flax meal or soaked flax seeds. Haha I had to do it. On a more serious note, I am not a fan of using whole, unsoaked flax seeds in my flax crackers recipes. Either they need to be ground into […]

Raw Smoky Siesta Wraps

I wanted to post this recipe right now because I’m writing a song called “Everything’s Better in a (W)rap” – which is so true. A Wrap can also take a couple dishes that would otherwise not work on their own, and transform them into a complete meal. This is one of those. And a Rap […]

Raw “Feta” Herbal Cheese Recipe

Raw Feta Cheese Recipe

The first time I ever had a non-liquid Raw Cheese was when former Raw Food Bali Chef and Recipe Book Author Leah Rinaldi came back to Bali in February of this year and taught a course. Since leaving Bali a few years back, she has since worked at two world renown Raw Food Restaurants, Saf in London […]

Raw Smoky Eggplant Jerky

Raw Lasagna with Smoked Eggplant Jerky

As one of my Facebook fans said in his comment when he voted for this recipe, “I need some eggplant and some smokiness in my life.” Here, here Tom. After a while eating a mostly Raw Food diet, I suddenly came to the realization that there was a stark lack of eggplant recipes. I love eggplant, […]

Superfood Spotlight : Garlic & Raw Tomato Bruschetta Recipe

Raw Tomato Bruschetta Recipe on Raw Onion Cheese Bread by Raw Food Bali

Superfoods get a lot of press in the raw food world, and for good reason. They are an excellent supplement to any diet, as only small amounts are required to provide huge benefits. They are often used to boost energy levels, fight off and cure illnesses, prevent mineral deficiencies, and just make people feel super! […]

Spicy Kalamata Olive Tapenade Raw Nori Rolls

Raw Spicy Olive Tapenade Nori Rolls

Why no love for the olives raw food chefs!?!? When I first started getting into raw food and scouring the various blogs and websites for recipes, I was quite curious as to why there weren’t more recipes with olives. I mean, sure, they can be a bit expensive, but there’s lots of recipes out there […]