Kelp Noodle Recipe with Creamy Almond Butter Sauce

I love Kelp Noodle Recipes with Creamy Sauces! What’s the most common unhealthy comfort food? My money is on heavy, processed carbs. These take many forms. Breads, Pasta, Crusts, Chips, Rice and Noodles, to name a few. Out here in South East Asia Rice and Noodles are the predominant versions, though bread is quickly gaining […]

Asian Wheatgrass Soup

A while back a friend of mine from Jakarta asked me to send her a bunch of wheatgrass powder because it was much cheaper here in Bali. I accidentally ordered frozen wheatgrass powder that would’ve gone bad if I tried to ship it. So I ended up with a whole bunch of wheatgrass powder. Not […]

Mouthwatering Food Yogi Inspired Mini Raw Pizza Recipe

I just did an interview with a really cool up and coming Vegan blogger in Iran, and he asked me a question about the typical modern lifestyle, and what changes I thought would be positive for it. The first thing that came to mind was the education system. In the 18 years of formal schooling […]

Raw Smoky Siesta Wraps

I wanted to post this recipe right now because I’m writing a song called “Everything’s Better in a (W)rap” – which is so true. A Wrap can also take a couple dishes that would otherwise not work on their own, and transform them into a complete meal. This is one of those. And a Rap […]

Raw Tuscan Herb Marinated Vegetables Recipe

Raw Tuscan Herb Marinated Vegetables Recipe

A couple months back I had a few friends over for dinner. One of these friends is one of the biggest meat lovers I’ve ever come across. And also a relentless jokester. I told him well in advance that all the food would be raw and vegan; he seemed cool with it, and then made […]

Tomato Zucchini Raw Wrap Recipe

Raw Tomato Zucchini Wrap with Pad Thai

I do a fair bit of research and scouring of the Raw Food Recipe Blogs of the internet. From what I have seen, the Raw Wrap appears to be one of the more elusive Raw Recipes when it comes to mastering it. At the same time, a good wrap recipe is simple in its composition. […]

Red Hot Veggies Raw Soup Recipe

Red Hot Veggies Raw Soup Recipe

It took me a while to warm up to Raw Soups. No pun intended. I swear! At first I just thought that I might as well be drinking this thing in a smoothie. But then I started Freeshin my own soups, and making them both thicker and more intense in flavor than the ones I […]

Raw Sayur Urap Recipe

Raw Sayur Urap Recipe by Raw Food Bali

Bali, and the whole country of Indonesia for that matter, have given me so much, particularly its people, and I like to give back in whatever ways I can. One of the ways I’m trying to do this is to create healthy, Raw Food Recipes that they can relate to and make easily. Sayur Urap […]