Interview with Amanda Brocket of The Raw Food Kitchen plus her Raw Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake Recipe

Amanda Brocket Raw Food Kitchen

The Raw Food Kitchen came about when Amanda battled a five year + health condition which left her a sick and bloated insomniac shell of her former self. Realising conventional medicine was not helping her (in fact was making her even more unwell) she started out on a search for a true path to wellness. It […]

Welcome to Ubud, Where the People Aren’t Afraid to Dance

Dance in Ubud

I’ve been living in Ubud now for 10 months. To say that it is a unique place is a severe understatement. There are more Raw Food Restaurants in a 15 minute radius than anywhere else in the world. It’s just as common for fresh young coconuts to be served at a bar on a saturday […]

Extreme Gratitude for Ubud

Bali RIce Farmer

Home Sweet Home Last night I arrived back in Ubud after a week and a half trip that was mainly comprised of quality time spent with friends and family. It was awesome to see people that I hadn’t seen for anywhere between 9 months and 3 years. I really appreciate how open many of them […]

The Raw Energies of My Journey

Roots Manuva Bananas

Sitting in the domestic terminal of the Bali airport with excited children frantically swiping at Ipads and bored adults staring at flight information displays seems to be the perfect situation to reflect upon the flow of thoughts that have been dancing through my mind over the last 24 hours. I was meant to leave Bali […]

An Interview with Raw Chef Ben Richards of The Seeds of Life

Ben and Sayuri from The Seeds of Life Raw Chef Certification Course Bali

Sometimes in life you can instantly recognize when something is meant to be. At times this can be difficult. Once in a blue moon it is painfully easy. This interview was one of those occasions. I know this because the second I pulled into the Alchemy parking lot, took off my motorcycle helmet, removed my […]

The Protein Quandary

Why You Don't Need Meat to get Enough Protein

Of all the nutrients the human body requires to function, protein seems to get the most press. Importance is heaped upon it in colossal doses similar to the U.S. Presidential Election. I’m not going to go into whether or not that attention might be misplaced in this post (and probably ever because I’d rather discuss […]

An Interview with Paul Turner AKA the Food Yogi – Warrior Yogacise and His Special Coconut Green Smoothie Recipe

Food Yogi with a Raw Cheesecake

The Food Yogi hasn’t been in Bali for even a week and I can already say that I am thoroughly impressed by this hero among men.  First he wowed the crowd at Sacred Durianology with his impressive mathematical knowledge. Then he melted hearts when he showcased his charity work for Food for Life, the world’s […]

8 Mind-Blowing Things I Learned during Elaina Love & Chris Whitcoe’s Pure Joy Academy Raw Food Chef and Detox Course

Dr. Nick Iatrogenesis

Any of you who read my newsletter know that over the past month I have been taking the Pure Joy Academy Raw Food Chef & Detox Certification course with Elaina Love and Chris Whitcoe. Well it just ended this week, and while it would it would be impossible for me to share all of the […]

8 Reasons Why Durian is the King of Fruits

Miss World Durian

1. When Durian is in the house you know it The quality which has earned my favorite fruit (sorry Soursop you’ve been surpassed) its notoriety, an invasively pungent odor, has been described as “pig-shit, turpentine and onions garnished with a gym sock,” and has gotten it banned on public transport systems, hotels, and a littany […]

Food Yoga Workshop w/ the Food Yogi Paul Rodney Turner – May 11

Food Yogi with a Raw Cheesecake

Raw Food Bali is thrilled and extremely grateful to be able to bring you this unique, inspirational Raw Food Workshop. A Food Yoga Workshop with The Food Yogi Paul Rodney Turner Saturday May 11, 10 AM – 3 PM Paul Turner, otherwise known as the Food Yogi, will be in Bali for a short time […]