3 Layer Banana Fudge Lucumalate Chocolate Cup Recipe

Woah! The name of this recipe alone is so decadent I can still taste it’s ridiculiciousness. Chocolate Cup Recipes have been a personal favorite ever since I was a youngin’ back in the day snackin’ on Reeses Cups. Nowadays, I much prefer the healthier version. Like this tasty Freesh.

Chocolate Cup Recipe

Would you like a bite of this Banana Fudge Lucumalate Chocolate Cup Recipe?

I’ve just gotten my hands on Lucuma Powder (it’s not easy to find in Bali) and I freeshin’ love it. It’s got such a unique, lightly sweet, delicious flavor. It goes well in so many dishes. In this one, I’ve made a Lucumalate layer, which is just my normal chocolate recipe with lucuma powder instead of cacao powder.

Chocolate Cup Recipe Chocolate-Heart

 Then I threw my usual liquid raw chocolate in the mix, because, well, it couldn’t be a chocolate cup recipe without it! Plus it’s delicious 🙂

And then the icing on this chocolate cup recipe cake is the banana fudge layer. It’s my favorite layer of the three. It’s gooey, which nicely compliments the harder chocolate texture of the other two layers. Plus, the banana tahini combo is downright heavenly. Combined with the Mesquite Powder, another ingredient that is hard to find in Bali that I’ve recently acquired, a delectable caramel-esque flavor is created that really adds a dynamic aspect to this recipe.

The banana fudge is so good that I almost wish I had just put it all on its own. Almost. I did make a few solo ones 🙂

I also made some lucumalates on their own, as well as some lucuma chocolates. To get the cool swirly look, pour the chocolate layer in first, then pour the lucumalate layer in and swirl around a bit with a toothpick.


Makes approximately 40-50 mini cups (I used a mini cups mold for most of them, and silicon chocolate piece molds for the rest)

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