Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe with Durian Vanilla Filling

  1. Love it! Nobody else has ever made durian Easter eggs. I wish I had access to these ingredients fresh, you are lucky!

    • Yes! Hopefully in a few years it will be a staple in the Asian Easter Menu lol.

      It’s funny that you mentioned being lucky, I just watched this really cool video today about luck and gratitude from one of my favorite rappers Asher Roth.

      We don’t have good berries or peaches here, so you’re totally lucky too!

  2. I’m trying to focus on work here!! Kill me please!! Vanilla, banana, durian, chocolate, fudge, truffles??? ARrrggghh.
    I’m thinking of a way to work around this, which is to go on a raw dessert making spree for one week, where I make and eat and make someone else eat as much as I can. After that maybe it’ll no longer have a grip on me.

    • Hahahahahah. That might could work! Do you ever read any of Timothy Ferriss’ blog? He has this diet with one “Splurge” day per week where the idea is to eat so much crap that during the rest of the week you don’t want to even look at it.

      I found it to be a horrible technique lol.

      My personal recommendation would be to eat a small amount of Raw Desserts every day because they can totally be part of a healthy diet 🙂

      But totally go on a dessert making spree just for fun and then share it with your friends. I’m sure Matthew wouldn’t be upset either 😉

  3. I’m fainting at the sight of it. Just brilliant! Interesting to know about the blueberry essence too. Thanks.
    I suppose if I go to Thailand in May I can post Durian photos and you will know what it feels like when we see yours 🙂
    Will definitely be at least contemplating ways to re-create these :))

    • hahaha yeah the thai durians are the best ones from what I hear. I’ve only had a few – I’m going to Thailand too soon! When you going?

      You can replace the pili nuts with cashews 🙂

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