Crimson Carrot Smoothie

Gosh darn I love me a carrot smoothie. Carrot juice too. And Cake!


The Dragonfruit and Carrot Smoothie Combo is a pretty one 🙂

I think we all know that carrots are good for vision, but did you know that they are also a natural teeth cleaning food? Yessir. They stimulate the gums and provoke salivation, which helps to remove plaque and food particles from the teeth. Pretty neato huh? Carrots also prevent heart disease!

The gorgeous crimson color of this carrot smoothie comes from Dragonfruit, which, along with banana, makes this smoothie a potassium powerhouse. And guess what potassium does? It enables your heart to beat!

So combined with the heart disease prevention qualities of carrots and the super high amount of potassium in this recipe, the Crimson Carrot Smoothie has found itself a special place in my heart. Pun intended. Sorry I had to do it haha 😉

I like to pack as much superfood nutrition as possible into my smoothies, so I got some fresh turmeric in the mix as well. And any time I want to add some sweetness to a smoothie I usually start with cinnamon before going to sweeteners. Cinnamon is one of my favorite undercover superfoods. It touts a ton of powerful health benefits, including helping to prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

Oh and did you know that there is an impostor that gallivants as cinnamon?


Make sure you get the real stuff!

It’s tastier and healthier. No brainer.

The oranges in Bali are bitter and a bit sour, so this smoothie is pretty sour for me. If you’ve got nice sweet oranges it probably won’t be. I love sour flavor, especially in smoothies, so I am diggity. If that’s not your steez, then simply use less lime juice. Or if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on Meyer lemons, use them instead.

Crimson Carrot Smoothie

Rating: 51

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Crimson Carrot Smoothie


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  • 2 Medium Bananas
  • 2 Medium Carrots
  • 1 cup Water or Young Coconut Water
  • 2 Vanilla Beans
  • 2 Thumbs of Turmeric
  • Juice of 1 Medium Orange
  • Juice 1 Medium Lime
  • 1 Medium Dragon Fruit
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon
  • Sweetener to Taste – this will depend on sweetness of dragon fruit & orange juice


  1. Blend all ingredients until smooth and creamy.

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