Creamy Durian Wasabi White Pepper Sauce

Hey did I mention that I love Durian?


Watch this video then.

Now you understand. 😉

Now look at some food porn!

Creamy Durian

This recipe is one of the more eccentric Durian recipes that I’ve concocted, but it’s freeshin’ awesome. Durian is so rich, creamy, and, often sweet, that it mixes perfectly with spicy, hot and peppery flavors. This recipe has a bit of all 3 going on.

I served it with a mixed salad of Zucchini Noodles, Basil Leaves, Red Peppers, Lettuce and Carrots. The sauce goes well with any sort of salad. I imagine it would be really awesome with some kelp noodles

It’s got a really intense flavor, so I find it serves best as an appetizer. Not too much at once. I’m lookin at you, all my Durian Fiends 😉

Wasabi powder isn’t raw, so it’s not an entirely raw recipe, but it’s still damn healthy 🙂

A little bit of cooked ingredients won’t kill you!


Makes 1 ¼ cup Sauce.

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