Sour Guacurrymole Recipe

This recipe is a super emotional one for me. It’s the first proper, original recipe I ever created. Bringing back sweet memories, you know? Back in my University days I wasn’t exactly a professional chef, but I did like to get creative in the kitchen every now and again. Most of the time the results of those sessions were far from satisfying the standards of food quality that I have now.

However, there was one recipe that I created that did. Guacurrymole. It’s the Indian twist on the classic Mexican dip/sauce. And it’s awesome. I put it on all sorts of things. Particularly sandwiches. It’s pictured here with the German Seed Bread from my Free Recipe book.Guacurrymole-with-bread-and-spoon

The Guacurrymole Recipe – Epically Unique

You can do this guacurrymole recipe a bunch of different ways. Basically all you have to do is put curry powder and various indian spices in your guacamole. This particular version is a sour version. Did I mention I like sourness?


Makes 1 ¼ cup Guacurrymole

Guacurrymole Recipe with slice of bread

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