Mouthwatering Food Yogi Inspired Mini Raw Pizza Recipe

I just did an interview with a really cool up and coming Vegan blogger in Iran, and he asked me a question about the typical modern lifestyle, and what changes I thought would be positive for it. The first thing that came to mind was the education system. In the 18 years of formal schooling I’ve been through, from kindergarden all the way to University, I can barely think of a handful of teachers I’ve connected with. And therefore REALLY learned well from. The reason for this, in my opinion, is that strict curriculum requirements limit the ability of these people to teach what they’re passionate about and therefore connect with their students.

On the other hand, when people are given free reign to teach who, where, and how they want, they can truly shine. It’s these kinds of situations where I really love learning, and find that I’m enraptured by my teachers and both eager to learn and proficient at learning.

In the 15 months I’ve been living in Ubud, I’ve easily had more of these teachers than I did in the 18 years of formal schooling. One of these teachers was a superhuman of a man by the name of the Food Yogi. He came to Bali and ran one of his world class Raw Food Workshops, and I was fortunate enough to organize and promote it for him. Oh yeah, and assist him in the preparation. He taught me a ton of useful information tips, tricks and information ish about Freeshin, and one of the best secrets he revealed was how to make a badass Pizza crust and cheese.


Until the Food Yogi came into my life, I thought Raw Pizza was a joke

In fact, the shams that were gallivanted as Raw Pizzas made me angry!!! Raaarrrrrr!!!!!!

His secret ingredients are serious game-changers. So this recipe is my adaptation of his Mini Raw Pizza Recipe, with a couple of his secret ingredients, and one of my own 🙂


The Food Yogi likes to Spread the Cheese First. I go Sauce first. My Raw Pizza Pic is Coming later 🙂

The crust is chewy, savory, slightly sweet, and downright delectable. Most importantly, you can pick it up and eat it like a traditional pizza. This is of MONUMENTAL importance in a Raw Pizza Recipe.

The Raw Cheese had my dairy cheese loving friend who was visiting when the Food Yogi Workshop went down talking about it non stop. And this is a man who lives off pizza, so impressing him with a Raw Pizza Recipe was no easy feat.

The sauce is a thick zesty marinara that could also be used for Lasagna or Pasta. (You can find recipes for both of those in my FREE Recipe Book). A delicious marinara is essential for any good Raw Pizza Recipe, and this one does the job and more

This recipe makes 8 hearty Mini Raw Pizzas. One of these is filling enough to act as the main course of a meal with an appetizer.

For more info about the Food Yogi, check out his site and his charity :

The Food Yogi –

Food for Life (The World’s Largest Food Relief Charity – Plant Based !!!) –

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