Flax Crackers Recipe – Sprouted Lentils & Gojiberries

When it comes to making a new flax crackers recipe, there’s a few key components.

  1. Flax meal or soaked flax seeds. Haha I had to do it. On a more serious note, I am not a fan of using whole, unsoaked flax seeds in my flax crackers recipes. Either they need to be ground into a meal or soaked into a pudding texture. Flax seeds absorb a ton of water when they are whole, so they can dehydrate you and are unlikely to be properly digested in the body if they are not processed somehow before hand.
  2. Bulk. This can be fresh or dried fruit, veggies, nuts, seeds or legumes. We’re going to use mushrooms, zucchini, sprouted lentils and soaked chia seeds in this one.
  3. Flavorings. I like me some herbs. Depending on what you use for your bulk, you may or may not need much of these.
  4. Water. Or watery bulk ingredients. So that the mixture blends and spreads well. We’ve got a couple watery vegetables and soaked chia seeds for this.

Flax Crackers Recipes are really easy to make and I strongly encourage you to give a shot making your own 🙂 And also try this one, because it’s delicious!


These beauties are very herbalicious, savory, and have a tiny hint of sweetness from the goji berries. They are jam packed with omega 3s, which is something I like to do with a lot of my dehydrated recipes. It’s really easy to get some chia or flax seeds in the mix, as well as walnuts.

Lastly, I’m still a relative newbie to the sprouting game and am experimenting a lot with using sprouted legumes in recipes, but I’m finding that they are very versatile. I’ve used sprouted lentils in this flax crackers recipe, a bread, a hummus (as well as hummus falafels – recipe coming soon in my upcoming Recipe Book!), and then just eating them in salads. They don’t have the strongest flavor so they work well as a thickening agent in dips and sauces. Sprouted foods are some of the healthiest foods on the planet, so I highly recommend you giving them a shot if you haven’t already.

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