Food Yoga Workshop w/ the Food Yogi Paul Rodney Turner – May 11

Food Yogi with a Raw Cheesecake

Raw Food Bali is thrilled and extremely grateful to be able to bring you this unique, inspirational Raw Food Workshop.

A Food Yoga Workshop with The Food Yogi Paul Rodney Turner

Saturday May 11, 10 AM – 3 PM

Paul Turner, otherwise known as the Food Yogi, will be in Bali for a short time promoting his new book, Food Yoga : Nourishing Body, Mind & Soul, and has kindly provided Raw Food Bali with the opportunity of helping him organize a one day workshop, during which he will share some of the knowledge from his book and his wizardry in the kitchen.

The Food Yogi

Paul Rodney Turner is the international director and founder of the global headquarters of the largest plant-based food relief charity in the world, Food for Life. He has spent time living in a monk commune, where he learned gourmet vegetarian cooking and was responsible for preparing feasts for the temple for as many as 300 guests! He credits the Bhagavad-Gita with establishing a foundation for his journey into raw food, during which he studied the works of the “Godfather of Raw Food,” Aris Latham, David Wolfe, Vesanto Melina, Damiana Kathryn, Cherrie Soria, & Brenda Davis.

Food Yogi with a Raw Cheesecake

The Mission of the Workshop

To inspire you to eat and live more consciously, by helping you make your food choices and your relationship with food an integral part of your spirituality. And to teach you some delicious Raw Food Recipes!

The Method

By teaching you how to nourish your mind, body and spirit via reconnection with the five principle energies that comprise our universe; Fire, Water, Air, Earth & Ether. The Food Yogi will do this by sharing stories and insights from his learnings and experiences as a student of India’s Vedic culture of hospitality, as well as his time spent living as a monk.

The workshop will be split into food demonstrations lasting approximately 2.5 hours, lectures lasting approximately 1.5 hours, an hour for lunch, and extra time at the end for a Q & A session.

The Content

Paul digs deep to the core of food’s importance to us, and explains how the fundamentals of life play a key cog in Food Yoga. He touches on subjects such as electromagnetics, DNA, metaphysics, the intelligent design of nature and the universe, animism, sacred geometry, the influence of water, and the power of thoughts and emotions. Plus a whole lot more. Understanding these elements goes a long way in improving your comprehension of why raw foods are just so incredibly good for you.

Here’s a few more topics he will broach :

  • Genetically Modified Organisms
  • The 10 Elements of a Food Yogi Diet
  • The Power of Intention and Gratitude
  • 13 Foods you should Only ever Buy Organic
  • Compassion for Animals
  • Meal Purification
  • Alchemical Reactions in the Body
  • Food Energies

The Raw Food Recipes

Here are just a few of the delectable recipes the Food Yogi will be demonstrating :

  • Pecan Lemon Pesto
  • Coconut Chai Milk
  • Lemon Ginger Cheesecake
  • The Hulk Smoothie
  • Kale Go-Go Salad
  • Live Fruit Ice-Cream

The Details

When : Saturday the 11th of May from 10am – 3pm
Where : Our private kitchen in Ubud – directions will be sent to you once you buy a ticket. Space is limited so sign up early.
Cost : 1,000,000 Rupiah
Payments : Can be made online via paypal or credit card, or in person with cash in Ubud.
Discounts : Ask us for one if you have a KITAS or are a local Balinese.
Contact : Email us or call 081 237 613 489 to sign up or for more details

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More Information on the Food Yogi

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We hope to see you there!

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