Interview with Amanda Brocket of The Raw Food Kitchen plus her Raw Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake Recipe

Amanda Brocket Raw Food Kitchen

The Raw Food Kitchen came about when Amanda battled a five year + health condition which left her a sick and bloated insomniac shell of her former self.

Realising conventional medicine was not helping her (in fact was making her even more unwell) she started out on a search for a true path to wellness. It was on one of these search and discover moments she came across the raw foods philosophy.

Within two months of going raw she had healed herself of her health condition.

Now she is sharing the power of raw by teaching and inspiring others to help heal their bodies, learn what it means to feel truly nourished, gain more energy and vitality and change the way we think about the word “diet”.


I read your story and found it incredibly inspiring. Was there one health issue in particular that Raw Food helped you heal?

Thanks Jon, Raw Food really helped me heal from Candida, of course I was keeping all fruit and sugar out of my diet, but the principles of the raw food diet such as adding in fermented foods to help heal the gut and rebalance gut flora, proper food combining and eating foods high in life force such as sprouts are the best prescription for great health and a boosted immune system, which really allowed my body to heal.

How were you introduced to Raw Food and by who?

I was introduced to raw foods by Leisa Wheeler of Embracing Health and I really have her to thank as her detox retreat was the catalyst for my amazing raw food journey. After not being able to have cereal with milk, or pizza or pasta for many years, and to then see and taste raw “cereal with milk” or raw “pizza” or “pasta”, I was blown away that it not only tasted good but every bite was actually healing me – not making me sick, that was when I fell in love with raw!

What was the biggest revelation you had about health after turning to a Raw Food diet?

Oh my gosh! So many revelations. Learning to treat the body with respect. Learning to listen to your body. It talks to you all the time! Learning that if you feed your body with optimal fuel, and with food the body actually recognizes as REAL food, you get optimal performance, in body, mind and spirit. Oh and to never listen to big food corporations or big pharma again!

Do you have any favorite transition foods that helped you stave off cravings when you first went Raw?

Loads, I ate coconut yoghurt, drank coco-biotic and ate home made sauerkraut 3 times a day. I found eating and drinking fermented foods really helped with the cravings. And when I had a chocolate craving I would make some raw chocolates sweetened with stevia.

What advice would you give to people who are transitioning to a High Raw diet?

Hmmm, it depends on where they are at currently with their diet. If they are eating a typical western diet and wished to transition to a high raw diet I wouldn’t really recommend it. Sometimes when people try this, the detox reactions are too much, and they think that eating raw is making them sick! And then they go back to their comfort zone of their normal diet. I always recommend baby steps and just adding in what you can each week. As long as the progress is slow and steady it will be a successful

What’s your favorite Raw Food Recipe of all time and would you please share it with me and my lovely readers?

I have too many to single one out! I love all raw desserts, for obvious reasons! I love coconut yoghurt, fermented nut cheeses and sauerkraut as you know so always have that in the fridge, and they make a great accompaniment to salads. I like to have a mix of spicy seeds to nibble on during the day. Green juices and smoothies for a pick me up. My chocolate mousse cheesecake is always a winner so how about I share that one?

Raw Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake Recipe

All the products linked to below are from UbudDirect, my favorite online Organic Grocery Store in Bali, and are affiliate links. This means RawFoodBali receives a very small percentage of any purchases you make after clicking one of these links. The prices stay the same, and you help support me so I can keep providing you high quality content and information about healthy living in Bali 🙂

Ingredients for base :

  • 1 cup Almonds
  • 1 cup Currants
  • 1/4 cup Desiccated Coconut
  • 4 tbsp Coconut Oil (warmed to liquid)
  • 1 full dropper of Medicine Flower Dark Chocolate Extract or Dark Chocolate essence.
  • A Pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt

Process :

Process all ingredients in a food processor till crumbly. Press into 8″ Springform cake tin. Leave it in the fridge while you make the filling

Ingredients for  filling :

  • 1 1/2 cup Cashews (soaked 1 hour)
  • 1/2 cup Raw Cacao Powder
  • 2 tbsp Cacao Butter (melted)
  • 1/4 cup Coconut Oil (warmed till liquid)
  • 2/3 cup Dark Raw Agave Syrup
  • 1/4 cup Irish Moss Gel
  • a Pinch of Himalayan Sea Salt
  • 1 tsp Vanilla Extract


Blend all ingredients till smooth and pour into the base. Put cake in the freezer for 2 – 3 hours until it sets. Move to fridge for 30 mins before serving. Decorate with raw cacao chocolate sauce, desiccated coconut and goji berries. Serve.


What exciting things are happening in your Raw Food Kitchen right now and in the near future?

Oh wow, I have so much on the horizon and I can’t wait to share with everyone! I have my raw food retreat coming up in September, its at Clarendon Forest Retreat on the north coast of NSW near Sydney, so super excited about that, then I will be at the Mind Body Spirit Festival in Darling Harbour in October, plus I have a few exciting workshops and seminars planned for November, and next year I will be offering some group raw food coaching and lots more as well as my regular workshops.

If there was one seasonal fruit/veggie you could have all year long what would it be and what kind of recipes do you like to make with it?

I’m a bit addicted to cherries and there is nothing like picking them fresh off a tree in summer – there was a cherry tree at my Uncle’s house so when we were kids it was the highlight of Christmas to go there and climb the tree and sit in the tree all day gorging on cherries, and then climbing down the tree, faces and hands covered in purple stains. Cherries go so well with anything, great in smoothies, as a cherry chia porridge, thrown into salads, dehydrated into raw cereals, cherry jam, cherry
cheesecake. So many options!

What’s your favorite Ubud Raw Food Restaurant and How much do you miss the Raw Food Mecca of the Eastern Hemisphere?

That is a tough one! I love them all and would hate to single one out. Alchemy, Down to Earth, Clear Cafe and some of the treats at Yoga Barn are great too. For a special occasion – Five Elements, how amazing is it to have 5 star dining on raw food. And Jon I can’t wait to see what you get up to next year!

Thank you for asking how much I miss Ubud. I MISS UBUD X A MILLION! Ubud is really a very special place, its people, the climate, the food, the Freeshness of the raw food movement, the yoga! What a great town. We need more like ’em all over the world. Although like any place that is popular, congestion and rubbish can be a problem, but it’s fantastic there are people making an effort to change that and help manage it.

Amanda holds regular raw food classes and raw retreats, has just completed four e-books, a rawsome online program, and has some yummy recipes that are available for download on the website

Amanda is a qualified Raw Food Teacher and Raw Food Coach and is a member of the International Association of Raw Food Coaches and Teachers.

Oh, and has an obsession for pug dogs, yoga and travel.

You can find Amanda’s Rawsome teachings at the following sites :


I hope you enjoyed the Interview. I certainly did, Amanda is a huge inspiration and I look forward to spending more time with her in the future.






35 thoughts on “Interview with Amanda Brocket of The Raw Food Kitchen plus her Raw Chocolate Mousse Cheesecake Recipe

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  5. Kim says:

    Hey Amanda & Jon,

    Super looking forward to hunting round Ubud for some Fresh ingredients!

    It sounds as though there are so many amazing types of raw products to buy in Bali & at a good price. Though I’m a bit worried as what I might be able to bring back into Sydney, Jon have you had any issue with Australian customs confiscating things?

    Yeah I did read something a bit worrying about Irish moss, (see below links) as to whether its 100% true, I’m not sure. I’d love clarification if anyone know?




  6. Amanda says:

    Hi Kim and Jon, Jon thank you again for the interview, it was a pleasure. so excited you guys will get to meet up! Kim have a great time and definitely check out the markets you can get spices and yes loads of irish moss and vanilla beans super cheap! Enjoy and hope to see you both again soon! 🙂
    Keep on freeshing 😉

  7. Kim says:

    Thank you so much Jon

    That’s exactly what I’m after, a nice list a raw yummies to bring back home.

    Re the classes, I’m travelling solo, I will give you my details through your contacts page.

    And you never know, If I’m in luck perhaps there will be a couple of other people in Ubud at the same time looking for classes too.

    Love the sound of the pili nut, & the recipie looks fab, looking forward to trying it once I’m stocked up.

    Superb! & perhaps I will see you in Ubud!

  8. Kim says:

    Hi Jon,

    What a wonderful interview, Amanda is very inspirational, I recently completed her raw food workshop & I took away so much knowledge from it.

    I still class myself as a bit of a raw newbie though I’m slowly increasing my raw momentum, I’ve some way to go, & some tuff food habits to still break. (sugar)

    Actually I’m Ubud bound in a matter a week’s & had spoken to Amanda about cafes to go to & raw/yoga things to do in Ubud.

    I’d love to do one of your classes, though not sure if you will have any classes toward the end of Sept schedule that will tie in with my time in Ubud
    Actually just this morning I asked Amanda as to what type of raw products I might be able to bring back from Ubud to Australia with me, to stock up my shelves,as a lot of raw ingredients are quite expensive in Sydney. Might you have any suggestions?

    Let me know about classes, if you have anything from Sept 21st-27th. Alas I don’t think I can afford a one on one class (unfortunately).

    Many Thanks,

    • Jonny Freesh says:

      Thanks Kim 🙂

      As far as Raw Food Ingredients go, the ones you definitely want to get here are Irish Moss and Vanilla Beans. Cashews are also cheap here. Hit me up through the contact page and I’ll help you out when you get here. And I’m not sure if you’ve ever used them, but I’ve recently been using Pili Nuts in a lot of recipes – – and they are phenomenal! Highest oil content of any nut and soooo delicious. They only grow here and in the Philippines as far as I know.

      For classes, I don’t currently have any public workshops scheduled for that time. I do get a fair amount of people in a similar situation to you and can often combine requests to make larger private classes that end up being more affordable. If you get a group of 4 people then the price is the same as the public workshops per person. Again, send me an email through the contact page so I have your contact info and then if I get other requests for that time I can create a class for you guys 🙂

      Keep it Freesh


    • Melissa says:

      (10:57) – Mais ce n’est pas le sujet, voyons… Ce roman n’a pas encore été traduit (converti ?) en arabe algérien à ma connaissance. Voulez-vous vous y coller ? Ce serait, je petne,exnrêmemest utile pour les arables algériens qui ne pratiquent hélas pas notre rude français voltairien. Quant à nous, nous resterons condamnés à la frustration de devoir vous croire, faute de pouvoir jamais éprouver par la suavité des sens en alerte le parfum des conversions lexicales botaniques d’une langue aussi douce et pacifique.

  9. linda says:

    enjoyed your article
    recipe looks delish

    CAN YOU HELP ME?????

    what is the indonesian word-equivalent to kale???

    i am in the jimbaran/uluwatu area and haven’t been to ubud yet, but will soon

    meanwhile, i would really love to buy some kale

    also, do you know where i can purchase a vita-mix or blentex blender on bali? preferably a used one that’s not so expensive

    thanks for your time & consideration & any helpful feedback,


    • Jonny Freesh says:

      Hi Linda,

      Glad you enjoyed the article 🙂

      The local name for Kale is Kailan – it also looks different from the Kale you’re probably used to. In Jimbaran/Uluwatu they might have it at Bali Buda. Otherwise you can try some of the delivery services.

      You can find all their info here –

      As far as the vitamix or blendtec goes, the only place I know that sells them new is Alchemy in Ubud.

      You can try some of the facebook community groups for a used one.

      Keep it Freesh


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