Raw Apple Pie Smoothie

Raw Apple Pie Smoothie by Raw Food Bali

Apple pie is ridiculously delicious. I think we can all agree on that. Sometimes there just isn’t enough time to make an entire pie though. But fear not fellow raw foodies and apple pie lovers! Now there is a way to satisfy your desire for apple pie in a jiffy. Enter the Raw Apple Pie Smoothie. Recipe inspired by the original Raw Food Bali Apple Crumble created by Mark Ament and Leah Rinaldi. 


  • It isn’t essential to soak the dates, but it will be creamier, smoother and more delicious if you do. This is also dependent on the variety of dates you have at your disposal. Not all dates are made the same!
  • You can also soak the pecans if you so desire. Will make it creamier and healthier!
  • Hati Hati! This means be careful or slow down in Indonesian. When indulging in this delectable dessert in a glass, it is important to take your time – it is super rich and sweet so it can be easy to gulp it all down before your higher self notices! Sip slowly and enjoy every molecule of high vibrational nourishing apple pie in a glass.

Eat Raw to the Core!