Ruminations on Juice Fasting and Three Delicious Juice Recipes

Glorious Green Juice Recipe by Raw Food Bali

In the Mood for Juicing

For the majority of May I was either busting my butt setting up, running, and making food for workshops, classes and events, or floating blissfully in the turquoise waters surrounding the Komodo Islands. I had a ton of fun, spent some quality time with my brother and one of my best friends that I hadn’t seen for ages, and ate a lot of delicious food. However, my diet was lacking one vital component; green juices. I got so caught up in the whirlwind of delicious gourmet raw food and undersea adventures that I forgot how essential juicing is to my overall health and balance. I was feeling a bit worn down, so the first thing I did when I found a minute to sit back and chill was realize that I required a juice fast. Three days in and I am monumentally grateful that I made this decision, as I feel supercharged again and I’m only half way done. Plus, I will be doing a liver & gallbladder flush on the 6th night of my fast, which has vast cleansing power and is one of the best ways to reset your system. Which I knowingly require after all that raw bread, pizza and durian passionfruit pie I ate in May.

 A Few Thoughts from the First 3 Days of this Juice Fast

  • Making your juices yourself is head and shoulders more powerful than buying them from a restaurant or juice bar. All the thought, work and love that goes into your juice makes it even more healing than ones made by a business, even if they are as high vibrational as the two places I bought the majority of my juices from on my last fast; Soma and Alchemy.
  • Looks can be deceiving; the best juice I made so far on this fast was easily the ugliest. Boasting a sickly looking dark green and brown color, it is the last thing I would try to serve someone I was trying to put on to raw food. However, whip me up that badboy any day of the week!
  • The Balinese interest in green juices and smoothies has officially been piqued. My friend and class assistant Trish asked me to teach her a couple recipes this week, and we had a whale of a time tonight make a tasty red juice and an even more delicious green one. One of my other class assistants, Iluh, told me that on her own volition she started making green smoothies at home. The locals have so much delicious, fresh produce at their disposal and I love to see them taking advantage of it instead of eating fake meat balls in MSG soup.
  • Nothing makes me feel better than a freshly made juice. Well, except for maybe a Durian Passionfruit Pie, or a Chocolate Durian Truffle. Did I mention that I am a Durian Fiend? But I’m seriously, the feeling of Pure Joy that I now recognize thanks to Elaina Love that I get when I drink a green juice is sensational, and I recommit to including them in my daily diet even when I’m not on a juice fast, something I have forgotten to do in the past.
  • I’m using my Vitamix and a nut milk bag to make my juices on this fast, and I’m still wavering on whether I prefer this method to a centrifugal juicer, which is the only other way I’ve made juices myself. This way requires more effort to make the juice, but less to clean. The Breville Juicer I used before is the opposite. Regardless, both are better than ordering from a restaurant, even though they are more time consuming.

Enough Rabbling, Onto the Ambrosial Juice Recipes 

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Having Trish (her Balinese name is Wayan – of course!) involved Made the Juice Even Tastier


Beets are one of My Favorite Vegetables to Put in Juices


The Aforementioned Deliciously Hideous Green Juice – I’ve Decided to Name it the Ugly Sapling!

One Final Word

JUICE! But I’m seriously; if you choose to embark on and successfully incorporate a diet high in raw foods into your lifestyle, I can’t possibly stress how important it is to fall in love with juicing. It is undoubtedly the rock solid foundation of my mostly raw diet, and the main reason I have been able to recapture my health from the clutches of an unhealthy western diet and lifestyle.

Now I’m going to go do an enema and make one last green juice before I hit the hay.

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