The Danny Saggers Juice Fast Plan

Before and After Pictures from a 10 Day Juice Fast

Danny Saggers is the man I have to thank for introducing me to the wonderful world of raw food in all its glory. Nutrition is his passion, and he loves sharing his knowledge with anyone he comes in contact with. My journey to a healthy raw food lifestyle started with his juice fast. Two weeks traveling through the rugged, poorly paved Eastern Islands of Indonesia gave him more than enough time idling about on boats and buses to convince me to undertake his incredibly straightforward, simple and easy 8 day juice fast plan the minute I returned to Western civilization. It’s a juice fast plan that anyone can do in any situation without having to pay for expensive detox kits or a fancy retreat accommodation. Danny spent many hours breaking down different juice fasts and figuring out exactly what the body needs and the most affordable way to get it. His list of recommended supplements is short and sweet.

The Gist

The plan lasts for 8 days. During this time you can only drink extracted fruit and vegetable juices, with the emphasis being on veggies. You can drink as much juice as you want, as well as water and herbal teas. Danny drinks approximately 1 pint (~475ml) 3 times a day, and I followed suit by having just 3 juices a day, though I often drank between 600-700ml in one sitting. I never drank any tea, though I did have some coconut water in between juices on a few days.

It is recommended that your lunch and dinner juices have more vegetables than fruit, as you don’t want to overburden the body with sugar, especially before bed. You can have more fruits than veg in your breakfast juice though, and I did this almost every day.

Organic produce is ideal, but if you can’t get it where you are, the plan is still worth undertaking. All natural cosmetics and hygiene products are also highly recommended, as you don’t want to introduce any new toxins into your body during the fast, to allow it the maximum amount of time and energy to dispose of the toxins that have been festering in your system for who knows how long.

The Point of Juice Fasting

The average person these days uses approximately 33% of their daily energy digesting food! Give the body back all that energy, and it can direct it towards healing. When you use a proper juicer to extract all the liquid from fruits and vegetables, your body doesn’t need to spend any energy digesting fiber. Everything that goes into the body is useful, nutritious (and delicious!) and finds its way into the bloodstream within 15 minutes.

After 3 days, your body will have used up all the leftover food in your body, and then for 5 whole days it can focus solely on healing. It spends this time breaking down disease tissue and fat deposits and using them as fuel. The body will not break down healthy tissue or muscle in the absence of regular food – it is a finely tuned machine and knows how to dispose of toxins when give the proper opportunity. 

As Danny puts it in a simple, prescient analogy,

“You clean your car, you clean your house, you clean your clothes; it makes sense to clean your body too.”

The Enemas

Something that is often included in the expensive herbal detox kits that many juice fasting companies sell with their plans is a laxative product. Danny recommends doing enemas instead. All these deep-rooted toxins being extracted need to be flushed out, and without fiber in your diet you won’t have regular bowel movements. The plan calls for an enema every day for the first 4 days and one every other day afterwards. A couple of the supplements he recommends also help to insure that these toxins find their way out of the body instead of straying into a different section of it than where they came from.

At first I was a bit hesitant to do these, especially by myself at home, but I found them quite cathartic (both physically and emotionally), and like Danny, I wouldn’t do a juice fast plan without them. You can actually feel all the crap (no pun intended) that you’ve put in your body over the years being expectorated.

My First Experience

This recent fast was the second time I’ve done a juice fast. The first time I was on vacation and only had a few friends in the place I was living; Montreal. Due to this isolation, it was really easy to avoid temptations. I spent a lot of time walking in the park and enjoying nature. I made all my juices myself using entirely organic produce. My energy levels were pretty standard during the first few days, through the roof on the 4th and 5th, and then back to normal for the last few days. I did light stretching and yoga daily, as well as lots of walking, but no intense exercise. The exceptional mental clarity and focus people report feeling on juice fasts visited me during those mind-blowing 4th and 5th days, but otherwise I felt fairly normal. I could feel the positive effects for long after though; I probably lost 10 pounds and felt better than I had in years!

My Second Experience

Just a few weeks before I did my second juice fast here in Ubud, I spoke to Danny. He had just done a 10 day juice fast, and said the last couple of days were definitely worthwhile. I decided to extend my upcoming fast as well. I have to agree with him – the more juice fasting the better!

Energy Levels, Emotional Balance, Mental Focus & Clarity

Prior to this juice fast I had been eating more than 80% raw for several months, and was already feeling great. My body had considerably less excess food to burn through and toxins to expel. Mentally, I was also more prepared as I had already done a juice fast and knew how exceptional it would make me feel. Right off the bat my energy levels sky rocketed and my mental focus and clarity were better than they’ve been in ages. I didn’t experience any of the negative effects than can occur during the first few days when the body is dealing with boatloads of toxins.

As opposed to my first fast, I had lots of work to do. I was concerned this might be an issue, but I was quite wrong. I worked harder, more efficiently, and longer than I have in my life. I was logging double digit hour days working on multiple projects and felt more motivated than I have in a long time. These feelings have stayed with me in the two weeks since I completed the fast.

I also felt more control over my emotions than I have in a long time, and perhaps in my entire life. I was able to accept both positive and negative emotions calmly and with control, experience them fully, understand them, and then act accordingly. This was an unexpected, highly welcome and extraordinary bonus benefit.


It can be difficult and expensive to find certain kitchen appliances and equipment in Bali, as any of you that have had to set up a full kitchen here know, and quality juicers are one of those items that just aren’t readily available. My choices were to spend twice as much on the same Breville Juicer that I bought last time, or get my juices from the many great raw food restaurants in Ubud. I chose the latter.

This provided some obstacles logistically, as I had to spend much more time traveling and was forced to consume juices hours after they had been made several times. Juices are best consumed immediately after extraction, as nutrients start dying off very quickly when using centrifugal juicers. Most of the places in town use these, as the double auger juicers that allow nutrients to stay alive for considerably longer must be imported and are much more expensive.

On the other hand, many of these places have perfected their recipes and offer a large variety of unique, vegetable heavy, delicious juices. I was able to consume a wider range of fruits and vegetables, thereby providing my body with a more complete set of nutrients. Ubud is one of the rare places in the world where you have a dozen restaurants offering freshly extracted juices made from organic fruits and vegetables all within fifteen minutes of each other. The people you meet here also tend to be very supportive, and I couldn’t imagine too many places that are better to do a juice fast in.

Weight Loss

You can have a look at the before and after pictures for yourself. You can actually see some muscle definition around my stomach in the after shots! That hasn’t been there in a long, long time. Next time I will make sure to take identical pictures, as I had a photographer the first time and just a mirror the second time.


I probably lost around 6 or 7 pounds. Not as much as last time, but that is probably because I was in better shape to begin with. I got a few comments on how I looked fitter and better, which was really nice!


This was another major difference between the two fasts. While on the first one I took it easy, this time I stepped it up a notch. Danny recommends that if you exercise regularly than you can continue to do so, but you should stick mostly to cardiovascular instead of weight training. Exercise is important, as it gets the lymphatic system pumping, which allows you to flush out even more toxins. If you don’t exercise regularly, then you should just do light activities. That was the case during my first fast. This time, I had been doing a lot of yoga leading up to it, and I didn’t want to let my practice taper off. I started off doing sessions that would maintain the level I was at, but quickly found myself wanting to ramp up the intensity. The results were nothing short of fantastic – I was able to go harder for longer, and I was even able to hold a forearm stand for a good twenty seconds – about 19 seconds more than I had ever done before! Yogis are known to fast when they are undergoing intense periods of practice, and now I think I understand why.


After having completed two juice fasts now, watching a very inspirational documentary on it, and talking to many people who have changed their lives through juice fasting (one guy I met in Ubud cured himself of Lupus through juice fasting), I can come to no other decision than to highly recommend that you do a juice fast right now!

If you feel as though your life needs a reset, or you just need to improve your health, a juice fast is one of the best ways to do so. What we eat has such a massive impact on how we feel, and during a juice fast the only substances you consume are beneficial nutrients, making you feel good all day long.

I can’t possibly do justice in words to just how amazing a juice fast will make you feel. The only way to truly understand is to try one yourself. The Danny Saggers Juice Fast Plan is sensational, and I’d like to thank him for sharing it with me, and allowing me to share it with you, on the house! The only condition is that you take before and after pictures, write a testimonial, and send them to me or Danny.

Please feel free to share this plan with your friends, and spread the power of juicing throughout the world. Just make sure to tell them to take before and after pictures and write a testimonial.

You can email your pictures and testimonial to Danny at, or you can email them to me at and I will pass them onto him.

Happy Juicing!

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The Danny Saggers Juice Fast Plan

Disclaimer : As with all major health lifestyle changes, you should consult a medical professional before undertaking a juice fast. Raw Food Bali takes no responsibility for any negative consequences you may experience with this juice fast plan.