Kelp Noodle Recipe with Creamy Almond Butter Sauce

  1. hi Jonny. I am quite new to raw & vegan recipes thouh ive been eating healthy wholegrain & wholefood salads & dips ((cooked ones ) for a few years now. I like this recipe very much but i have a few questions
    1. Can i get kelp noodles from all organic stores ? ( i live in KL & i have not seen these in supermarkets in the organic section.
    2. I have heard about ” Bragg ” products – r they availble in Spore- if so where ?
    3. Do u live in Singapore ? i come down every 2-3 months – do u give classes there?

    • Hi Geeta,

      Glad to hear you like the recipe 🙂

      I live in Bali. I would imagine Bragg products are available in Singapore but I don’t know the organic stores well. Not sure about kelp noodles.

      My suggestion would be to order online. The links i’ve included above in the recipe are to a couple different websites that i like – amazon and – not sure if they deliver to Malaysia but methinks they would.

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