How to Make a Raw Chocolate Recipe TRULY RAW!!!


It Breaks My Heart when Raw Chocolate isn’t Truly Raw

I’ve seen people making a number of different Raw Chocolate Recipes many a time.

And I see one common and HUGE MISTAKE made ALL THE TIME!

And it makes their so called “Raw Chocolate” not really Raw. At all.

It all comes down to the Bain Marie. Since Cacao Butter is solid at room temperature, we need to melt it. Food is considered Raw if it is still alive.

For food to stay alive, it needs to stay below 43 Degrees Celsius.

Cacao Butter has a melting point of 34-36 Degrees Celsius, so we don’t have a huge margin for error. 

So the question is, how do we melt the Cacao Butter without killing any of the precious enzymes and nutrients that will die above 43 Degrees Celsius?

The answer is simple, and easy :

Keep the water in your Bain Marie at or below 55 Degrees Celsius. 

A Bain Marie is simply a way of heating something. Basically you put your ingredient, Cacao Butter in this case, in a bowl, and then put that bowl inside a pot of hot water. It’s a gentle way of melting something. Here’s an example of what that looks like.


Strong Pyrex Style Glass or Metal are Ideal Materials for the Cacao Butter Bowl

So I think you’re ready to make a TRULY Raw Chocolate Recipe right?

Yeah I think you are too 🙂


You’re Mere Minutes away from this!

The Truly Raw Chocolate Recipe


Stove & Bain Marie

All the products linked to below are from UbudDirect, my favorite online Organic Grocery Store in Bali, and are affiliate links. This means RawFoodBali receives a very small percentage of any purchases you make after clicking one of these links. The prices stay the same, and you help support me so I can keep providing you high quality content and information about healthy living in Bali 🙂


You will want to play around with the ratio of Cacao Butter and Cacao Powder, as depending on the quality of the ingredients you get, you will find the ideal ratio will probably change. I currently use 1:1, but have used both 1/2 butter to 3/4 powder and vice verse with success.

Sweeteners are pretty important ingredients since we use them in so many recipes. Here is a succinct explanation of my sweetener preferences and the reasons behind them  :

  1. Coconut Palm Nectar – Simply, it tastes the best! It’s generally not raw, but it sits in the background as a sweetener much better than Raw Honey does. And it is still a healthy, nutrient dense sweetener. There are Raw Coconut Palm Nectars though – like This One! It’s my first choice of sweetener, that is, unless I’m making Tempered Chocolate, but we’ll get into that at a later date!
  2. Raw Honey – From a health perspective this is my number one choice. It keeps the chocolate 100% Raw and it is an incredible superfood. However, from a culinary perspective, Raw Honey has a stronger, more intrusive flavor than Coconut Palm Nectar/Sugar so it leaves it’s mark on the chocolate. Which I generally don’t want. Still delicious, but it often turns out honey flavored chocolate rather than pure chocolate. This will vary greatly depending on the specific honey you get. If I’m making Chocolate for 100% Raw Foodie Beegans (I just learned that term – love it!) I’m using Honey.
  3. Coconut Palm Sugar – Requires the use of a Blender so that the chocolate doesn’t come out grainy. Texture is the main reason I use liquid sweetener when I’m not making a Tempered Raw Chocolate Recipe. Coconut Palm Sugar is the only sweetener that can be used to make Tempered Raw Chocolate though, which makes it unique and invaluable! Stay tuned for my video tutorial of how to make a Tempered Raw Chocolate Recipe, coming soon 🙂


How Freesh does this look? 

How to Properly Make a TRULY RAW Chocolate Recipe !!!

  1. Cut cacao butter into small pieces. Pictured above in the bain marie there’s a couple big pieces – that will just slow down the melting process, but that’s okay. The best Raw Chocolate is infused with Love and Patience!

    Now The Most Important Part!!
  2. Heat a pot of water until it reaches 55 degrees Celsius. If the water is hotter than this than it will heat the Cacao Butter to temperatures higher than 43 degrees Celcius, which will kill enzymes and nutrients and therefore the chocolate will no longer be Truly Raw! If you boil water in a small pot it will take approximately 18 minutes for it to cool down to 55 degrees Celsius! Think about that for a minute and reflect on how you’ve seen Cacao Butter melted in the past. To Heat a pot of water to 55 degrees Celsius it takes 2-3 minutes, max. I have a fancy shmancy temperature gun (only 20 bucks though!) to measure as I heat it up, but a simple thermometer will do the job. Having one of these incredibly handy tools at your disposal will allow you to make a TRULY Raw Chocolate Recipe!!
  3. Put cacao butter in a smaller metal bowl and place that bowl into your pot of hot water. Be very careful not to get water into the cacao butter as it will ruin the consistency of your chocolate! Alternatively you can put it in a dehydrator or a Thermomix at 43 Degrees Celsius. If you use the Bain Marie method and the melting process is taking a long time, you can remove the bowl of cacao butter from the pot, reheat your water to 55 Degrees Celsius, and put the bowl of cacao butter back on. Repeat as needed.
  4. Measure your melted cacao butter and pour into a different glass or metal bowl.
  5. Mix in cacao powder by hand until fully mixed with butter.
  6. Mix in sweetener and salt by hand until well incorporated and super smooooooth.
  7. If your chocolate becomes too thick to pour then you can reheat it again using the same method as before. Again, don’t use water hotter than 55 degrees C.
  8. Flavor chocolate mix(es) – you can split this into a few mixes to make multiple flavors.Pouring-Chocolate
    I usually split this recipe into 3 mixes. Here’s a setup from one of my Raw Food Classes
  9. Use chocolate as desired – pour into molds, onto bars, use to dip nuts, pour onto clusters of dried fruits and nuts, make truffles, etc.

You can keep the chocolate warm and liquid (depending on the temperature it can set at room temperature quite quickly) while you make magical concoctions with it by putting the bowl of mixed chocolate inside your pot of hot water. But not above 55 degrees C!

These are some of my go-to flavor variations :

  • Peppermint (I use Essential Oils for this)
  • Cacao Nibs Crunch
  • Walnuts & Dates
  • Goji Berries & Cayenne Pepper or Chili Powder
  • Lavender (Essential Oils again)
  • Almonds & Raisins

And now a whole bunch of Raw Chocolate Food Porn for you to drool over 😉


Durian Truffle – Who Says I Need to Save the Best for Last?


Almond Butter Cups


Chili & Desiccated Coconut Goji Berry Chocolate Sticks


Desiccated Coconut on it’s own makes Raw Chocolate real puuurrrrrtttttyyyy


Goji Berries and Cacao Powder


The Glorious Aftermath of one of my Raw Food Classes

What do you put in your favorite Raw Chocolate Recipe? Tell us in the comments!

  1. Your recipes are so creative and delicious, I absolutely love your site! I wanted to ask do you purchase your cocoa butter from an online store and if yes what is the name of it?

    • Thanks Amber 🙂

      Really glad you’re loving the site! I buy my Cacao Butter from local suppliers here in Bali, but am familiar with some good western brands. Where do you live? I will find one of the brands I like on an online store that ships to you 🙂

      • Hi Johnny,

        I live in Cairns, Queensland, Australia. I am looking at going into business of making my own raw chocolate and your site is amazing. I have some great ideas and would love any help you could give me to get things started. I had surgery on my back last year which didn’t have a very good outcome and need to make money from home. If you could give me some advice with getting this started and who I could obtain the products required from a wholesaler would be fantastic!!!! I also have no idea how to get started with my business. I have a name picked out, but am unsure how I go with insurance etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you

        • Hi Stephanie,

          Thanks for the kind words, glad you’re enjoying the site.

          Google Big Tree Farms for wholesale Balinese Cacao Products.

          No idea about Australian insurance, nor about getting a business started in Australia. My main advice would be to just start making chocolate, getting it out there, making marketing & social media moves and then dealing with each challenge as it arises.

          Wishing you the best,


        • Hi. Just wondered if you started up your raw chocolate company. I am in Scotland and was thinking of doing the same. Do you use a vitamix and if s which type would you recommend. Thanks.

  2. I live in the United States in Illinois, thank you so much for this help I really appreciate it 🙂

  3. Your recipes look interesting ,must try.

  4. I live in Nusa Lembongan and want a good cheap cocao supplier. Do you know of any? Also, have you ever tried making your own Cocao butter or do you know a good supplier of this too?

  5. I love ur site and recipes im from india and im searching fr cocoa butter please can u let me know where will i get cocoa butter online
    Thank u

  6. Hi Jonny, love the recipe above. Just curious, when is the ‘Tempered Raw Chocolate’ video tutorial coming? Really looking forward to it!

    • Thanks Roderick, glad you like the recipe.

      I will make a video for Tempering Raw Chocolate when I get back from Korea – going there for a week on Tuesday 🙂

      It’s been getting pushed back by other projects, but a bunch of them are wrapping up, so thank you for reminding me. It’s on the To Do List now.

  7. In my search for raw chocolate bars I have seen other recipes using coconut oil in place of cocao butter. I am wondering if you have any expirience using coconut oil? Which is healthier?

  8. Hi! I’m trying your recipe. Do you harden the chocolate at room temperature or in the fridge? How long does it normally take to harden? Thanks!

    • Hi Cindy,

      In the fridge. About a half hour. Also, some chocolatiers say that chocolate is at its tastiest the next day after setting. Something to keep in mind while experimenting…

  9. Hi,
    Just wondering why the chocolate had gone all grainy?

    • Hi Vyv,

      What are you using as a sweetener? If you are using coconut palm sugar then that is probably why your chocolate is turning out grainy.

  10. I make raw organic chocolate but I just want to ask a couple of questions, firstly I sweeten mine with a little organic rice malt syrup and organic maple syrup, does that make it not raw? Also I want to temper it as I have heard this make it stay hard so it doesn’t have to stay in the fridge.
    Kind regards

    • Yes, both rice malt syrup and maple syrup are cooked so your chocolate isn’t fully raw. If you want to temper chocolate you need to use a powdered sweetener, so the only way to keep it raw is to find raw coconut palm sugar. There is one company i’ve seen making it. Most coconut palm sugar is cooked though.

  11. Hi there. Did you ever get the instructions for tempering raw chocolate done? I’m really interested in how to do this. Thanks

    • I figured out how to do it but since then I haven’t been writing many new blog posts as my focus has shifted to other areas. Here’s basic instructions :

      1. Tempered chocolate can only be made with powdered sweeteners. Meaning that in most cases it is not fully raw. I’ve only ever come across one raw powdered sweetener online before, raw coconut palm crystals – – and haven’t ordered it so am not sure if it tempers properly. I made my tempered chocolate with non-raw coconut palm sugar. Pretty much all coconut palm sugar is cooked.

      2. Melt your cacao butter in a double boiler (instructions above). When it is partially melted, put your sugar in and mix. When that is mixed a bit, add your cacao powder & salt and mix. When this is mostly mixed, but not fully mixed, pour the mixture into your blender. Raw Tempered chocolate seems to be done mostly in a blender. I’ve not tried it without.

      You need a strong blender, because the blender’s job is not only to make the mix super smooth, but also to heat up the mixture. You need a temperature gun to measure this in the blender – like this one :

      Blend the chocolate mixture until it is at least 41.5 degrees celsius, but not over 43 or 48 degrees, depending on what you think is the correct temperature for food to stay raw. I’ve seen both quoted as correct by many experts.

      3. Pour chocolate mix into a big bowl and stir it, trying to get the mixture as thin as possible by mixing it all around the sides, until the temperature drops to 31.5 degrees celsius. This can take a while, especially in warm climates. I sped this up by putting the bowl on a cold floor while I mixed.

      4. Mix in dried fruits, nuts, essential oils, flavorings, etc. and pour into molds. From what I can tell, tempered chocolate is best done in polycarbonate molds, and i found the big bars worked the best, like this one –

      Put in fridge and let set. You will know if it is tempered properly if the chocolate shrinks slightly, and with the polycarbonate molds, it should fall out fairly easily when you turn it upside down.

      Hope that is clear 🙂

      Good luck!

  12. Omg this is the recipe I have been looking for! Quick question, does the end product melts in room temperature?

    • Depends on what room temperature is for you. Cacao Butter has a melting point of around 34-38 celsius so it should sit at most room temperatures fine for a while. It will start to melt as soon as people touch it though.

  13. Good evening Jon,

    Your chocolates are beautiful. Can I ask how you make the chocolates look “open” with some of the inside ingredients showing at the top or the side?

    The rustic look is amazing and I’d love to try to get the same affect.
    Thank you once again!

    • Thanks Beth 🙂

      Yes just put the ingredients at the bottom of the mold before pouring in the chocolate 🙂

      • Thank you Jon, that’s what I thought. Can’t wait to try it:)

  14. Thanks Jon,

    Can’t wait to try this. Will post a reply when done. Regards, Warrick

  15. hi
    want to learn how to make raw individual chocolate want to open my own shop any book you recommend or any course or workshop i live in Asia

  16. Hi Jon

    I want to make a simple chocolate topping using coconut oil, chocolate powder and honey but unsuccessful as it keeps splitting. Any tips or specific way of doing it?

    Many thanks

  17. ….or if I use coconut sugar instead, will i still need to use a blender for it? Thanks again

  18. Hello,

    Any thoughts on using Cacao paste as opposed to ground up cacao? Is it less processed if its in paste form? How would one make chocolate using cacao paste? Would I use the same recipe but substitute cacao paste?

    Thank you!

  19. This a nice recipe, yet why is my chocolate not as solid as the raw chocolate I buy at the store? (Chocadel)

  20. Hi Jon!
    I want to thank you so much for this basic recipe, I’m so very excited to try it today .. wondering if you could suggest how many drops of essential oil to begin with(?) I realize it depends on the type, like mint vs lavender ..just hoping to get a starting point.
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  21. Hello. Just wondering if you had the measurements for the ingredients in grams as well. Thank you!

  22. Hi. I was just wondering if you had the measurements of the ingredients in grams.
    Thank you!

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