Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

Listed below are a number of the useful Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen, along with suggestions on where to purchase them in Bali

There are three main places to buy kitchen equipment in Bali – Ace Hardware, Carrefour & Pantry Magic. Local supermarkets carry some as well, but the quality is often suspect.

There are 5 Ace Hardwares  and 3 Carrefours – in Kuta, Denpasar and Singaraja. Pantry Magic is located in Kuta. You can also find some good stuff at  Informa, a furniture store above the Ace Hardware in the Galeria Mall, but it’s a bit pricey.

Basic Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

Ceramic Knives or High Quality Stainless Steel Knives – There are two main advantages to ceramic knives.   One is that they maintain a razor sharp edge for a long time.   The other is that they do not oxidize food nearly as much as metal knives do. Ceramic Knives can be found at  Ace Hardware. 

Vegetable Peeler – Ceramic is advantageous for the same reasons as above. Can be tough to find in Bali, so a stainless steel one might have to suffice. They can be found at  Ace, Carrefour & Pantry Magic.

Grater or Microplane  —Any basic one will do the job.  Can be found at local supermarkets as well as the Big Three. 

Citrus Juicer – A small handheld citrus juicer is easier for citrus fruits as you only need to slice them in half rather than peel them if you are going to put them in a large traditional juicer. Larger electric ones are useful for commercial purposes. They can be found at Ace & Carrefour. Handheld Juicers have been found at Ace. 

Specialized Equipment and Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

Mandolin – Used for creating thin slices of vegetables, particularly zucchini. Haven’t seen one of these around lately – the Big Three might carry them sporadically. 

Spriralizer – A tool that creates spiraling noodles from vegetables like zucchini and carrots. Again, check the Big Three – no guarantees.

Nut Milk Bag – This is used for draining the liquid from nuts blended with water to create nut milk. Can also be used to make your own juices in concert with a blender. Sometimes called a sprout bag. You can sometimes find these at Alchemy, Zula, Earth Cafe, and Down to Earth

Electric Appliances and Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

High Powered Blender – The most important tool in the Raw Food Kitchen. Generally you want at least one with 1000 watts of power. Vitamix is the gold standard, which has 1300 watts. Blendtec is their main competitor. Alchemy carries the Vitamix. Ace Hardware sometimes carries cheaper knockoff style models. The one I saw was 950 watts, which will usually get the job done. 

Coffee Grinder or Mini Blender – An crafty little tool used for grinding nuts, spices, coarse salt and seeds. A mini blender is also an excellent travel accessory for making your own smoothies. Pantry Magic has a high quality DeLonghi electric coffee grinder. You can also find them sometimes at Ace or Carrefour

Masticating Slow Juicer – Superior to centrifugal juicers in terms of nutrient preservation. Inferior in terms of speed and ease of use and cleaning. Norwalk and Angel are two of the most revered brands. The only Masticating Slow Juicer I’ve seen in Bali is the Hurom Slow Juicer, which can be found at Pantry Magic. I’ve heard highly mixed reviews of this machine and haven’t tried it myself.

Centrifugal Juicers – These juicers are faster to use and clean, but kill more nutrients due to their more violent process. They tend to be a lot cheaper as well, plus you can buy them here in Bali. Breville and Omega make some really good ones. Pantry Magic carrie Brevilles sometimes. I believe you can order through them too. Ace Hardware carries a cheaper Philips model that does a decent job but will leave some pulp in your juice. 

Food Processor – Great for preparing thicker sauces, creams and pastes that are difficult to create in a blender. Essential for sticky mixtures like pie crusts and energy balls. Cuisinart and Magimix are highly thought of brands. Pantry Magic can sometimes get Cuisinart and Kitchen-Aid models. You have to ask them to order them for you.  Ace and Carrefour have lower quality but decent food processors.

Dehydrator – The Raw Foodies answer to the oven. Dehydrators heat food at low temperatures using a heating coil and a fan. Excalibur is the consensus number one in the game. Pantry Magic sometimes carries these. 

Superfluous but Awesome Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

Bash & Chop – This cool little tool is useful for scooping up chopped fruits and veggies, and the best tool I’ve found for spreading mixtures on dehydrator sheets, particularly thicker ones. You can find this at Delta Supermarket in Ubud, and probably in at least one of the Big Three too.

Piping Bag – A simple gizmo for making your cakes and cupcakes look real purty! You can sometimes find these in Ace, Carrefour, and Pantry Magic.

Chocolate Molds – You’ll probably discover pretty quickly as you explore Raw Food that Raw Chocolate is a common favorite among Raw Foodies. You don’t need molds to make it, but your chocolates will look a lot prettier and more professional if you have some.  You can find chocolate molds at Ace, Carrefour and Pantry Magic, but I’ve found the highest quality, most professional silicone ones at Informa, a furniture store that can be found above the Ace Hardware in the Galeria Mall.

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