AppleBerry Raw Granola Recipe

Raw AppleBerry Granola Recipe

One of the questions I frequently get asked in my Raw Food Courses is, “Was it difficult to transition to Raw Food?”

The answer, to the surprise and delight of many of my students, is No. Amongst the many reasons why I found Raw Food easy to transition to was the fact that I didn’t have to radically change my breakfast food, which was the most important meal of the day for me back then. I had grown up on the traditional western breakfast standard of cereal in milk, and the raw vegan alternative to that is not only very similar, but, in my opinion, more delicious. Undoubtedly it is more nutritious. And now that I got myself one of them fancy shmancy dehydrator thingamajiggies, making Raw Granola has become a very creative exercise.

There are infinite possibilities for what you can put into a Raw Granola, and the AppleBerry Raw Granola Recipe I will share with you now can act as a template for you to mix and match your favorite ingredients.

What do you like to put in your Raw Granolas?

Tell us in the comments.

[amd-zlrecipe-recipe:21] Makes 2 Man Sized Breakfasts Worth of Granola


  • You need not soak and dehydrate the nuts and seeds, but they are much healthier if you do. If you don’t, then use dry nuts and seeds. Brazil nuts are one of a few nuts and seeds (pine nuts and pistachios are two others) that don’t have very many enzyme inhibitors, and are therefore one of the best nuts/seeds to use without soaking.
  • When it comes to using this as a template, basically what you can do is substitute in whatever dried fruits/nuts/fresh fruit that you like and keep the ratios the same or similar 🙂 And if you like your granola super sweet then throw some honey in that mafcker!

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