Raw Basil Cucumber Pesto Recipe


I’ll be making a post soon about how I made the DIY Photo Box that allows a photographically challenged human being like myself to take such beautiful food photos.

I absolutely adore basil. It’s in a close competition with cilantro as my favorite herb. The next pesto I’ll be making will have both in it! But let’s start off simpler. All you need to make a delicious Pesto is some fresh basil, some nuts or seeds to provide thickness and bulk (I’ve got a different Pesto Sauce Recipe for the Raw Lasagna in my FREE Recipe Book – 21 Easy Gourmet Raw Food Recipes) and a bit of seasoning.

It’s such a quick, simple recipe and is especially filling for a dip. An instant hit at any party. You’re going to love it!

Makes around 1 1/2 cup Pesto

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  1. I will not use nutritional yeast and I didn’t soak the pine nuts but it was good

    • @janegudge:disqus did you add anything else to replace the yeast?

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