Raw Food Chef Training Certification Course 2017

Raw Food Chef Training with Sayuri

Level 1: 2-Week Certification Course

May 14-27, 2017

in Bali


In this 2-Week Raw Food Chef Certification Course, you will learn how to prepare raw living cuisine from around the world fused with modern plant based nutrition along with the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, Chinese and Macrobiotic practice.

From theoretical to hands on to daily scheduled activities and with over 50 recipes included, you will confidently gain knowledge and skills for a sustainable and radiantly healthy lifestyle!

So whether you want a fresh start in living a healthy lifestyle, or just simply thirsting for more knowledge in nutrition, or interested in acquiring more raw-kitchen skills, or wanting to start a raw food based business, this course will definitely serve your purpose!


Raw Chef Training

Level1 Raw Chef Training


Bali Raw Food Chef Training with Sayuri Tanaka

Level 1: Primary and Intermediate 2-Week Certification Course


Sayuri Tanaka

Raw Food Chef Sayuri

When is it ?

May 14-27, 2017


Where is it ?

Svarga Loka Resort

In Ubud, Bali


What will we learn ?

Practical Skills

  • Nut milk and its variations, Smoothy & juice, its difference & formulation
  • Fermentation: coconut yogurt, cheese, kimchee, sourkrant, kombucha, water kiefir etc.
  • Dressing variation & formulation, how to adjust/fix its flavor
  • Healthy breakfast: chia porridge, granola, “butter” & bread loaf
    Raw Chef Training

    Middle Eastern Fare

  • Italian: pasta, sauces & dips, cheese, pizza
  • Mexican: taco “meat”, fruits salsa, guacamole, sour cream, cacao mole
  • Japanese: nori roll”, tuna” pate, jicama rice, Asian dressing
  • Indian: curry spices mixture, samosa, north Indian, curry, biryani rice
  • Middle eastern: hummus, harissa, tabouli, falafel,
  • American diner: burger, jicama wedges, BBQ ketchup, mayo & mustard
  • Thai: Pad Thai noodle & Thai spice mixture
  • Dessert: chocolate, cheesecake, swirl technic, bliss ball, chocolate pie, carrot cake & frosting, soft center truffle
  • Dehydration: crackers, salad sprinkles, corn chips, fruit wrap, samosa wrap, pizza crust, kale chips
  • Soups, dips, pate, spreads
  • Recipe understanding & create your group masterpiece
  • Cheese plating & presentation, and Italian cheese variation, flavor combination


Lectures/ Features:

  • What is raw living food and why
  •  Tips for the sustainable radiant healthy lifestyle through raw living diet
  •  Fermentation, soaking & activating & sprouting
  •  Superfood


  •  Food combining
  •  Alkaline and acid
  •  How to manage raw kitchen pantry
  •  Safe usage of equipment
  •  Knife skills
  •  How to balance the flavor
  •  Complementary flavors, Ethnic flavor & its formulation
  •  Understanding the each character of Sweeteners and finding the best for your own need
  •  Unique character of each thickeners & binders
  •  Dehydration how to & wise usage & tips for recycling
  •  Clever food recycling not only to waste any food but also transform into wow-dish
  •  Herbs & spices identification & its healing property and usage
  •  Western perspective (nutrient breakdown: Macronutrients-fat/carb/protein and Micronutrients-vitamin/minerals & other important chemicals)
  •  Protein myth

    Raw Food Gourmet

  •  Important role of fat: Omega 3 & 6
  • Phytonutrients, antioxidants
  •  Introduction to Eastern perspective (Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese, Macrobiotic perspective) and individualization of your own need
  •  Understanding doshas
  •  Introduction to Adaptogen herbs / Chinese traditional herbal medicine
  •  Spirulina farm trip, to see the process of cultivate & harvest the best tasting freshest spirulina— http://balispirulina.com/
  •  Raw chocolate factory tour to see the whole production & tasting the freshly ground warmchocolate–http://bigtreefarms.com/
  •  Top raw food high end restaurant kitchen tour & its really amazing raw chef ‘s special tasting plate— http://www.fivelements.org/




Morning Yoga & Meditation

$2219 USD without accommodation

*Flight not included


What is included ?           

Daily morning yoga /meditation classes
Delicious living food brunches & dinners, abundant tropical fruits and juice
*There is 1 day off (from study) in the middle of the course. We will provide meals on that day.

*There is 1 dinner out – at your own expense


Manual & recipe booklet

Certification of completion on Level 1 : Primary and Intermediate

*Please note that you will receive the “certification of completion” of 2 weeks intensive raw food chef training. Although it is not a national license, it proves your knowledge & skills to apply for the same field. Chef Sayuri will provide the recommendation letter upon request.


Arrival & departure

Welcome meeting at 17:00 on the 1st day followed by the welcome dinner. please make sure to arrive before the welcome meeting, come around a bit early to see the beautiful place & meet people.

We will have the closing circle on the last day and finish the event around 11:00.

No class on arrival day nor departure day.




Cancellation Policy

*Refund applies as follows:

More than 8 weeks before the start of the course:  100% refund less the 10% handling fee.

4 to 8 weeks before the start of the course:  50% refund less the 10% handling fee.

Up to 4 weeks before the start of the course:  no refund will be given.


How do I sign Up?

Contact me from the link below or email rawfoodbali@gmail.com

Raw Food Bali Contact Page


Live Healthy!

Chef Mathias

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