Raw Chocolate Tart Recipe with Almond Butter Icing

  1. Hi Jon

    I ran out of time last week and could not reach you to buy some Irish Moss….then when I got home I decided to see how I would need to store it and I came across an interesting article which I will send you soon.

    By the way, as of last week I have not been able to find “DATES” at any of the usual places I have gotten them in the past.
    Where are you buying yours??
    Thanks, Teresa

    • Hi Teresa,

      Yes there seems to be a shortage of dates on the island. I’ve had to buy from the supermarket a couple times.

      I’ve read about the potential health concerns of Irish Moss. Didn’t find them to be conclusive. The studies were done on an ingredient extracted from Irish Moss, carrageenan (which you can happily find in many “natural” health products), and showed it to be inflammatory.

      What I discovered from research was that the inflammatory effects were due to the way it was extracted, and that there was no evidence that Irish Moss in its natural form was inflammatory. I use it all the time and have never experienced any negative effects. Seaweeds are generally extremely healthy and it just doesn’t seem logical that Irish Moss would be inflammatory. People have been eating it for a LONG time.

      Keep it Freesh


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