Chunky Raw Pumpkin Fudge Recipe

Raw Chunky Pumpkin Fudge Recipe by Raw Food Bali

These last couple of weeks have been quite fun. My friend Trish (She’s the one pictured in the first juice recipe in my recent post on juice fasting) has her own garden and is always offering me fruits and vegetables. She’s like the sweetest woman I ever met. She told me that she had extra pumpkin, and asked me if I wanted some. I said sure, I’d love some, thinking that she would bring me like a quarter of a small pumpkin. Instead, she brought me a whole pumpkin the size of my torso.

So basically I’ve been slowly chipping away at this monster of a pumpkin, one creation at a time. I’ve made a couple Raw pies, a couple Raw soups, used it in salads and Raw nori rolls, and, of course, made this decadently delicious Raw Chunky Pumpkin Fudge Recipe. Which I will now share with you ­čÖé