Raw Feta Herbal Cheese Recipe

The first time I ever had a non-liquid Raw Cheese was when former Raw Food Bali Chef and Recipe Book Author Leah Rinaldi came back to Bali in February of this year and taught a course. Since leaving Bali a few years back, she has since worked at two world renown Raw Food Restaurants, Saf in London and Pure Food and Wine in NYC. The knowledge and skills she brought back to Bali blew my mind and have helped shape my style in the kitchen. I can’t possibly express just how grateful I am to have had her as a teacher. She was in Bali on vacation and was exceptionally generous to teach courses. Assisting her during those 3 journeys into gourmet Raw Food really helped me step my game up, particularly in the realm of desserts (she worked exclusively creating new dessert recipes at Pure Food and Wine for a whole year!).

One of the things she taught me was how to make a solid Raw Feta Cheese Recipe. Here’s my version of her delectable fromage (oui je peux parler un petit peu de francais, mec). It goes particularly well in Greek Salads, as well as on Raw Breads.

Instructions to Make Fermented Version

  1. Blitz cashews until smooth and creamy.

  2. Add Pro-Biotics and blitz just until incorporated.

  3. Ferment one of these two methods :

    1. Cover in plastic wrap and push out all air. Let sit for 3-5 days, checking every 12 hours or so until it smells/tastes as sour as you wanted. It took me about 4 days.

    2. Wrap in a cheesecloth and put a plate/bowl/something heavy on top so that it keeps it totally covered. Let sit and check like option 1.

  4. Add remaining ingredients (you may want to use different amounts depending on how sour you’ve fermented your cheese) & Complete steps 4-8 from above.


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