Raw Food Bali Product Recommendations

This is a list of a number of the products that I use in Workshops and in my own Kitchen on a daily basis, as well as some others that I would use more often if I could. I have tried many of the brands personally and do my best to pick brands that I trust through friend recommendations or other research if the brands I’ve tried are not available online.

These links are affiliate links, which means that I receive a small percentage of the sale. The prices are the same whether or not you buy through affiliate links. You’ll probably find that the prices on the websites I link to are cheaper than your local health food store as well 🙂

By purchasing through my affiliate links you are helping to support me and my dreams. So I’d like to extend a huge Thank You in advance if you do so.


Acai Powder The Amazonian Berry that makes one of the best Breakfast Smoothie Bowls on the planet – Buy on iHerb.com

Cacao Powder – The tastiest of all the superfoods? Definitely the most popular 😉 – Buy on iHerb.com

Spices, Seasonings & Flavorings

Nutritional Yeast – The easiest way to make a Raw Cheese is to use this – Buy on iHerb.com

Smoked Paprika – Not Raw obviously, but a tiny bit can give a great smoky flavor to recreate that cooked BBQ feeling – Buy on iHerb.com

Chipotle Powder – Another fantastic way to get that smoky BBQ flavor with a tiny amount of cooked ingredients – Buy on iHerb.com


Coconut Aminos – The only soy free soy sauce alternative out there – Buy on iHerb.com

Coconut Aminos Teriyaki Sauce – Their Teriyaki version – Buy on iHerb.com

Coconut Aminos Garlic Sauce – And their garlic version – Buy on iHerb.com


Coconut Palm Nectar – Tastes like Caramel. Low GI Sweetener, Raw & Vegan – Buy on iHerb.com

Raw Coconut Palm Sugar – The only product I’ve seen claiming to be a fully Raw Coconut Palm Sugar. Most are boiled – Buy on iHerb.com

Lucuma Powder – A Low GI Sweetener with a unique, caramel like flavor. Works great in Chocolate or Fudge – Buy on iHerb.com

Mesquite Powder – Another Low GI Sweetener with a smoky Tex Mex flavor. Super versatile; can be used in sweet and savory dishes, and is a great option for sweetening smoothies if you are trying to avoid sugar – Buy on iHerb.com

Xylitol – One of the lowest GI Sweeteners, registering at around 12 on the GI Scale. This brand is made from Birch Bark – Buy on iHerb.com

Oils, Butters & Other Setting Agents

Irish Moss – The only oil free ingredient that can set a Raw Cake. Also great for other desserts like puddings, mousses & pies – Buy on iHerb.com

Coconut Oil – The most commonly used setting agent in Raw Desserts – Buy on iHerb.Com

Cacao Butter – To make proper chocolate you gotta use this, not coconut oil – Buy on iHerb.com

Sunflower Lecithin – Won’t set a cake on its own, but helps set them. Emulsifies oil & water, as well as makes consistency creamier – Buy on iHerb.com

Coconut Butter – Works as a setting agent as well as amazingly on it’s own. Plus it’s great for both sweet and savory recipes – Buy on iHerb.com

Coconut Flakes – To make your own Coconut Butter, use these – Buy on iHerb.com

Rawmio Chocolate Hazelnut Butter – The Raw Version of Nutella. Best I ever had – Buy on iHerb.com

Nuts & Seeds

Jungle Peanuts – The only peanuts that are healthy to consume Raw, so the only way to make Raw Peanut Butter! – Buy on iHerb.com

Chia Seeds – The best vegan source of Omega 3s on the planet – Buy on iHerb.com


Kelp Noodles – A great Raw noodle replacement if you’re missing the cooked stuff – Buy on iHerb.com

Hemp Seeds – They reeaaallllyyy don’t like these in Indonesia for misguided reasons haha. Well, they’re missing out on one of the most complete foods on the planet. Another great source of Omega 3s – Buy on iHerb.com

Buckwheat Groats – Sprout and Dehydrate these to get the best crunch in the Raw Food Game – Buy on iHerb.com

Wishing You Lots of Healthy Fun in the Kitchen,

Chef Jon


Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

Listed below are a number of the useful Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen, along with suggestions on where to purchase them in Bali

There are three main places to buy kitchen equipment in Bali – Ace Hardware, Carrefour & Pantry Magic. Local supermarkets carry some as well, but the quality is often suspect.

There are 5 Ace Hardwares  and 3 Carrefours – in Kuta, Denpasar and Singaraja. Pantry Magic is located in Kuta. You can also find some good stuff at  Informa, a furniture store above the Ace Hardware in the Galeria Mall, but it’s a bit pricey.

Basic Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

Ceramic Knives or High Quality Stainless Steel Knives – There are two main advantages to ceramic knives.   One is that they maintain a razor sharp edge for a long time.   The other is that they do not oxidize food nearly as much as metal knives do. Ceramic Knives can be found at  Ace Hardware. 

Vegetable Peeler – Ceramic is advantageous for the same reasons as above. Can be tough to find in Bali, so a stainless steel one might have to suffice. They can be found at  Ace, Carrefour & Pantry Magic.

Grater or Microplane  —Any basic one will do the job.  Can be found at local supermarkets as well as the Big Three. 

Citrus Juicer – A small handheld citrus juicer is easier for citrus fruits as you only need to slice them in half rather than peel them if you are going to put them in a large traditional juicer. Larger electric ones are useful for commercial purposes. They can be found at Ace & Carrefour. Handheld Juicers have been found at Ace. 

Specialized Equipment and Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

Mandolin – Used for creating thin slices of vegetables, particularly zucchini. Haven’t seen one of these around lately – the Big Three might carry them sporadically. 

Spriralizer – A tool that creates spiraling noodles from vegetables like zucchini and carrots. Again, check the Big Three – no guarantees.

Nut Milk Bag – This is used for draining the liquid from nuts blended with water to create nut milk. Can also be used to make your own juices in concert with a blender. Sometimes called a sprout bag. You can sometimes find these at Alchemy, Zula, Earth Cafe, and Down to Earth

Electric Appliances and Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

High Powered Blender – The most important tool in the Raw Food Kitchen. Generally you want at least one with 1000 watts of power. Vitamix is the gold standard, which has 1300 watts. Blendtec is their main competitor. Alchemy carries the Vitamix. Ace Hardware sometimes carries cheaper knockoff style models. The one I saw was 950 watts, which will usually get the job done. 

Coffee Grinder or Mini Blender – An crafty little tool used for grinding nuts, spices, coarse salt and seeds. A mini blender is also an excellent travel accessory for making your own smoothies. Pantry Magic has a high quality DeLonghi electric coffee grinder. You can also find them sometimes at Ace or Carrefour

Masticating Slow Juicer – Superior to centrifugal juicers in terms of nutrient preservation. Inferior in terms of speed and ease of use and cleaning. Norwalk and Angel are two of the most revered brands. The only Masticating Slow Juicer I’ve seen in Bali is the Hurom Slow Juicer, which can be found at Pantry Magic. I’ve heard highly mixed reviews of this machine and haven’t tried it myself.

Centrifugal Juicers – These juicers are faster to use and clean, but kill more nutrients due to their more violent process. They tend to be a lot cheaper as well, plus you can buy them here in Bali. Breville and Omega make some really good ones. Pantry Magic carrie Brevilles sometimes. I believe you can order through them too. Ace Hardware carries a cheaper Philips model that does a decent job but will leave some pulp in your juice. 

Food Processor – Great for preparing thicker sauces, creams and pastes that are difficult to create in a blender. Essential for sticky mixtures like pie crusts and energy balls. Cuisinart and Magimix are highly thought of brands. Pantry Magic can sometimes get Cuisinart and Kitchen-Aid models. You have to ask them to order them for you.  Ace and Carrefour have lower quality but decent food processors.

Dehydrator – The Raw Foodies answer to the oven. Dehydrators heat food at low temperatures using a heating coil and a fan. Excalibur is the consensus number one in the game. Pantry Magic sometimes carries these. 

Superfluous but Awesome Tools of the Raw Food Kitchen

Bash & Chop – This cool little tool is useful for scooping up chopped fruits and veggies, and the best tool I’ve found for spreading mixtures on dehydrator sheets, particularly thicker ones. You can find this at Delta Supermarket in Ubud, and probably in at least one of the Big Three too.

Piping Bag – A simple gizmo for making your cakes and cupcakes look real purty! You can sometimes find these in Ace, Carrefour, and Pantry Magic.

Chocolate Molds – You’ll probably discover pretty quickly as you explore Raw Food that Raw Chocolate is a common favorite among Raw Foodies. You don’t need molds to make it, but your chocolates will look a lot prettier and more professional if you have some.  You can find chocolate molds at Ace, Carrefour and Pantry Magic, but I’ve found the highest quality, most professional silicone ones at Informa, a furniture store that can be found above the Ace Hardware in the Galeria Mall.


What we’ve discovered recently is that “Cleo” brand oxygenated water is one of the best available.  You can find it at Bintang supermarket in Ubud.



Web Resources

A list of Raw Food Related and Other Resources on the Web

Raw Food Communities

Living-Foods – one of the oldest oniline raw food communities, loaded with information, recipes and lifestyle support

Raw Freedom Community – one of the most extensive and active raw food forums on the web

Bali Resources

Bali Spirit – A portal to everything holistic in Bali

Balipod – An expat forum with loads of useful information

Yoga in Bali – The Yogi Times will tell you everything you want to know about doing yoga in Bali

Indonesia Resources

The Raw Warung – A raw chef & teacher in Jakarta

Indonesia Organic – A portal for everything Organic in Indonesia, run in part by Gede Green of Bali Rungu Organic Farm

Greeners – An Indonesian Environmental News Portal – In Indonesian

Raw Foodies

David Wolfe – The personal website of the world renown superfood guru with a soft spot for Bali

Ani Phyo – One of my favorite raw food chefs

Raw Food and Health Products

Medicine Flower Organic Flavor Extracts – These little bottles of magic can turn a good recipe into a great one


Food Matters – Enlightening & Frightening

Hungry for Change – Inspirational


In Search of AweTaksu Yoga Teacher Meg Maskell shares her passion for yoga & writing on her captivating blog

The Business of Yoga – A comprehensive guide to starting a yoga business


Eat Well Travel Often – My Student, Travel and Raw Food Enthusiast Shannon writes a lovely Travel Blog







Web Resources

A list of raw food resources and communities on the web


Living-Foods  – one of the oldest online raw food communities, loaded with information, recipes and lifestyle support

Raw Freedom Community  – one of the most extensive and active raw food forums on the web


Bali Spirit  –  A portal to everything holistic in Bali

Balipod  – An expat forum with loads of useful information

Yoga in Bali  – The Yogi Times will tell you everything you want to know about doing yoga in Bali


The Raw Warung  – A raw chef & teacher in Jakarta

Indonesia Organic  – A portal for everything Organic in Indonesia, run in part by Gede Green of  Bali Rungu Organic Farm

Greeners  –  An Indonesian Environmental News Portal – In Indonesian


David Wolfe  – The personal website of the world renown superfood guru with a soft spot for Bali

Ani Phyo  – One of my favorite raw food chefs


Medicine Flower Organic Flavor Extracts  – These little bottles of magic can turn a good recipe into a great one


Food Matters  – Enlightening & Frightening

Hungry for Change  – Inspirational


In Search of Awe  –  Taksu  Yoga Teacher Meg Maskell shares her passion for yoga & writing on her captivating blog

The Business of Yoga  – A comprehensive guide to starting a yoga business

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