Raw Food Recipes

Raw Food Recipes to build a strong foundation for your healthy lifestyle



Juices & Smoothies

How does an Apple Pie Smoothie sound to you?



Did you know you can make Raw Granola?


Appetizers & Snacks

Soups are so Scrumptious. Plus Chutney,  Cheese & More.


Dips, Spreads & Sauces

Oh Dip! Does Raw Vegan Basil Pesto sound good to you?


Salads & Dressings

The staple of any solid raw food diet. I eat ’em every day!



Pizza, Thanksgiving Dinner, Pasta & Different Ethnic Cuisines.


Rawsome Mains

Everything’s Better in a (W)rap !!! They’re super easy too 🙂



Durian sweets, Cakes, Pies, Puddings and Ice Cream!



Vegan Chocolate like you never tasted before!



Thanks for checking out my Raw Food Recipes

I Hope you Enjoy Them! There are dozens of delicious ones on this site. If you find value in them, I would deeply appreciate it if you shared them with your friends and family. It helps me immensely when you do, and rewards me for all the hard work I put into them. To stay up to date with my Recipes, you can follow me on my social media networks. What Kinds of Recipes are you looking for?  Send me an email – rawfoodbali@mail.com – and tell me! I love feedback and have received some of the best tips, tricks and ideas from my students and readers. Did you ever think about using dehydrated light colored fruits like bananas and pineapple to keep your pie and cake crusts light? Me neither, at least until one of my lovely students suggested it!

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