Raw Food Restaurant Review The Raw Kitchen Fremantle

The Raw Kitchen Fremantle

The main point of this site is to provide information about Raw Food, particularly in Bali. Other than Fivelements I don’t intend on writing reviews of any Raw Food Restaurants in Bali. However, I do enjoy reviewing restaurants and I think it provides an interesting perspective on how I assess the quality raw food, especially in the commercial arena. So when I take a trip outside of Bali, if there is a Raw Food Restaurant, I may just review it. I’ve been in Perth and Dunsborough the last two weeks and there were a few nice options. The two I ended up debating between were Samudra in Dunsborough and The Raw Kitchen in Fremantle. I ate at both, but was able to eat multiple times at The Raw Kitchen so I thought I would be able to give a better review of it. Read on to see what I thought of the popular Fremantle lunch spot!

Raw Food Restaurant Review The Raw Kitchen Fremantle

I went with my friend and I went a couple times, so I had the good fortune of being able to taste a large variety of dishes. It would take too long to review each one like I did with Fivelements, so I am going to split them up into categories; Juices, Mains (Dehydrated and Fresh), and Desserts. I bet you can’t guess what my favorite category was ūüėČ

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¬†There’s Always A Line Up for this Ridiculicious Spread of Freesh


What I Drank : The Red Melon and the Green Lemon Hit

Both were splendid. Unique, vibrant flavors and clearly made with an excellent juicer, as demonstrated by the small amount of pulp and smoothness. For me this is an important aspect. I don’t like pulp in my juices. The green lemon hit was comprised of around 10 ingredients, and I absolutely love juices like this. It takes time and effort to craft good juice recipes that go beyond the standard 3-5 ingredient number, and I applaud the Raw Kitchen for creating a fantastic one.


Rating : Durian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-Whole Half-Durian

Mains ‚Äď Dehydrated

What I Ate : Nachos, Pizza Crust and Club Sandwich Bread

What I Thought : Anyone who has spoken to me about the words we use to name Raw Food dishes knows that I’m very cautious when it comes to calling something by a traditional cuisine name. By that I mean if something doesn’t have the taste and mouth feel of a Pizza, I’m not going to call it that. Same goes with any dish. This creates expectations that are often not met. A lot of restaurants have this issue for me. So when I give a high rating for dishes like Pizza, Sandwiches and Nachos, that speaks volumes.

I’m talking strictly about the crust of the pizza, the bread of the sandwich and the nachos in the, well, nachos. Phenomenal. I was very impressed. These are all dishes that, to me, have a very important mouth feel and eating experience. Meaning that I need to be able to pick them up, take a bite, and not have the whole thing fall apart on me. And minimal sogginess. All three of these dishes satisfied these requirements.

The pizza crust, in particular, was impressive. It was the first crisp, thin pizza crust that I’ve had that I could pick up and eat the entire slice of without it falling apart. Plus it was delicious. I make a super freesh, thick and chewy pizza crust that stays together, but every thin crust I’ve had has seriously disappointed. It was made mostly of buckwheat and sun dried tomatoes and had a wonderful savory yet tangy taste.

The bread and nachos weren’t quite as flavorful, but both passed the texture test, and for me, that is their primary function. The sauces take on most of the responsibility when it comes to providing sufficient flavor. So now I’ll talk about them. They were pretty Freesh too.



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The Presentation Was Top Notch as well

Rating : Durian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-Whole

Mains ‚Äď Fresh

What I Ate : Nachos (Guacamole, Meat Substitute, Cheese and Toppings), Pizza (Cheese and Toppings), and Club Sandwich (Filling and Condiments), Sauerkraut

What I Thought :¬†The Nacho cheese was phenomenal, the Guacamole was good (though lacking in quantity), the toppings were standard (chopped up tomatoes), and the meat Substitute was out of this world. Some sort of Nut and Veggie combo, it had spice, boldness and texture. There wasn’t a huge amount of it, but it had such a powerful flavor that it managed to sneak into almost every bite. The lightness of the guacamole and toppings was balanced perfectly by the richness of the cheese and meat substitute. Well Freeshin done Raw Kitchen Chefs.

The pizza was oddly composed. Lots of thinly sliced leafy greens interspersed with olives and sun dried tomatoes covering a base of almost no sauce (not enough to taste anyways), and sparsely distributed dollops of a thick, creamy cheese. Everything tasted good, but the balance was off. Some sauce and a bit more cheese with less leafy greens could’ve earned it a 5 durian.

The sandwich filling was a bit dry. I like my sandwiches with a lot of condiments. This may be more a matter of personal taste than anything else. Sauce was decent but I felt like the flavor was being overwhelmed, particularly by the sprouts. The mango chutney was a really interesting sweet twist; I only wish there was more of it.

A fairly standard Sauerkraut; Quite sour with a bit of a peppery kick. A wonderful start to a meal.

Nachos earned a 5 Durian Rating. The Pizza a 3, the Club Sandwich a 4, and the Sauerkraut a 4. So we’ll take the average for the total score.

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[/one_half] [one_half_last]dsc02767-Blog-Post[/one_half_last] Rating : Durian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-Whole


What I Ate : Chocolate Bliss Ball, Florentine, Caramel Slice, Chocolate Berry Cheesecake

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The Florentine is on the left, and the Chocolate Bliss Ball on the right

These were all scrumdiddlyumptious. My favorite was the caramel slice. A nice 3 layered slice of nuts/seeds, some sort of date/agave concoction (that’s my guess anyways), and chocolate; the Raw Kitchen nailed that caramel flavor that can be tricky to achieve.

Second place was the Chocolate Bliss Ball. No messing around on this one; simply Rich, Dark Chocolatey flavor packed into a chewy, dense ball covered in cacao powder. A fairly common dish done right is all right in my book.

After that I’d go with the florentines. I’m not the hugest sour cherry fan, but this was quite well done. Hints of cherry zing were littered throughout the well sized sphere comprised mainly of nuts, seeds, dates (another guess), and garnished with streaks of raw chocolate. One of my friends asked me to try to make a Raw version of these, but I had never had a regular one so I didn’t know where to start. Now that I do; keep your eyes peeled for my own version of these.

The Chocolate Berry Cheesecake was quite unorthodox and had me on the fence for the first few bites. Then I came around. There was a very strong presence of the powdery texture of the cacao powder they used. Not gritty, but powdery. Similar to the Chocolate Bliss Ball, the flavor was quite rich and dark, which I always find is accompanied well by some tasty berries. In this case, raspberries, blueberries and blackberries. My one qualm with this cake is the name. This is very different from a traditional cheesecake in many respects, and I predict that many cheesecake lovers have been disappointed due to the heightened expectations this name creates. To the Raw Kitchen Chefs; if you’re reading this you can bump the rating of this up to 5 Durians if you change the name. May I suggest Chocolate Berry FreeshCake?

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Rating : Durian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-WholeHalf-Durian

The Whole Package

The Raw Kitchen Fremantle is only open for lunch, and it appears to be quite busy from open to close. It’s very small and takes advantage of the shared seating offered by the Piazza it is located in. It’s in a nice open, yet covered space. Relaxed, comfortable, social and resistant to bad weather. Very savvy from a business perspective, and it looks like the move has paid off as they are slated to move into a bigger venue where they will be open for breakfast and dinner as well. Mad props for the good entrepreneuring…yo!

As for the service, it was good but not great. Not the fault of the staff, simply a product of having a demand that pushes their supply potential to the limit. From what my friend who lives in Perth told me, it’s not uncommon to stand in line for a good 20 or 30 minutes before placing one’s order. After that the food usually comes quick, as it is mostly pre-made. Smart system, and clearly it’s working.

Overall Rating : Durian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-WholeDurian-WholeHalf-Durian

I bet they hit the 5 when they open their new place though. And when they read this and start putting the word Freesh in their dish names. Looking forward to visiting The Raw Kitchen Fremantle 2.0

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