Raw Sprouted Granola Balls

I was going through my remaining stash of nuts and seeds from the last Pure Joy training and began hatching some recipe plans for the next couple of weeks. I’ve been experimenting with several raw granola recipes for a few days now and I’m gonna start sharing all with you.

I enjoy making my own granola whether its balls, bars or just the simple ones I eat for breakfast mixed with nut milk. Compared to the commercial ones that you buy from the grocery store which are usually filled with too much sugar and unhealthy highly processed syrup, the home made ones can be easily done with healthier options and you get to control the amount of sweetness that goes in it.

So now first, the granola balls! This one is quick and easy to make. It’s chewy, flavorful and healthy! All packed with fiber, vitamins, proteins, iron and minerals. Plus the smell wafting from the dehydrator would definitely make you drool!

The usual granola balls recipe doesn’t call for dehydrating. But I’d wanted this batch to come out all nice and warm. It’s hard to kick out the habit of sampling this recipe during the wait time in the dehydrator trays.


Granola Balls

Raw Sprouted Granola Balls

You can also skip the dehydrating part and let it set for a couple of minutes in the fridge and voila! Ready to eat! I’ve been snacking on it all week now.


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