Tomato Zucchini Raw Wrap Recipe

I do a fair bit of research and scouring of the Raw Food Recipe Blogs of the internet. From what I have seen, the Raw Wrap appears to be one of the more elusive Raw Recipes when it comes to mastering it. At the same time, a good wrap recipe is simple in its composition. It seems to be one of those recipes that has a mind of its own and has quite a bit of variability each and every time it is made. I have had mixed results with Raw Wraps, but this one has been quite consistent and so I’d love to share it with you!

To me, turning a salad into a wrap or sandwich simply by rolling it or surrounding it with a little bit of savory deliciousness completely changes the whole persona of the dish. I find it particularly effective as a transition food, as some people can struggle with the mental aspect of being nourished by a salad. So for me, this is one of the most important recipes to have in my Freeshin repertoire. So I really hope you enjoy it and look forward to hearing how it goes for you!


Makes 2 trays of big squares or 2 ½ to 3 of circles.

Making a Raw Wrap Recipe in Class

Spreading Raw Wraps Takes Serious Concentration


  • A light touch is required to get an evenly spread wrap, which is important for uniformity of thickness in the finished product.
  • Keeping the bash and chop or spatula as horizontal as possible is an effective technique at maintaining a light touch.
  • While most dehydrated recipes are quite hands off, it is important to check this one constantly. Sometimes I find that parts of the wrap dehydrate faster than others, particularly the side closer to the back of the dehydrator. So sometimes I take the tray out and put it back in the opposite way to insure that the whole thing dehydrates at the same speed. I generally like to check it every 2 hours.
  • If you over-dehydrate the wrap worry not my friend – put some water in a spray bottle and gently mist the wrap with water until it is an ideal malleability. Then let it sit until it is dry before putting it in a tupperware for storage.
  • With all dehydrator recipes, it is vital to let them cool down before storing them. If you put them into a closed container when the food is still warm, the warmth will condense and then that moisture will be absorbed by the food. This can make your food soggy and wetter than desired.
  • I like to put all sorts of salads inside the wrap, and my favorite is Pad Thai. I teach this dish in my Raw Food Courses in Ubud.

Making a Raw Wrap Recipe Close Up

Spreading with a light touch and one of my favorite Kitchen Tools – the Bash and Chop

And then once you have it evenly spread and dehydrated, you get something beautiful like this. As you may have noticed the color of this finished product is darker than the pictures above. This is because I get different colors of Sun Dried Tomatoes in Ubud and I didn’t have pictures of the finished product of the ones above. The texture and process is identical. Usually I get dry Sun Dried Tomatoes (not in oil) from Bali Buda, but sometimes I have to buy ones that are packaged in a jar with oil already.

Happy Freeshin!

  1. These wraps are by far the best tasting wraps I have tried. Wonderful job creating this recipe. My whole family loves them!

  2. Ok trying them this week. Wondering…..could I use flax/chia seeds instead of phyllisum husk?

    • You can try, I’d say soaked flaxseeds have the best bet of replacing it, but in my experience psyllium husk is the #1 key ingredient in a wrap that stays together well. It’s such a powerful binding agent.

  3. What kind of dehydrater do you recommend, I am looking for an upgrade 🙂

  4. Thank you, thank you!! A wrap that doesn’t rely on flaxseed to hold it together, not that I have anything against flaxseed. LOL
    I have all the ingredients and going to make it tomorrow.

  5. My wraps always crack while dehydrating, what am I doing wrong. I can’t have nightshade a or nuts, will this recipe still work?

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