Raw Tuscan Herb Marinated Vegetables Recipe

A couple months back I had a few friends over for dinner. One of these friends is one of the biggest meat lovers I’ve ever come across. And also a relentless jokester. I told him well in advance that all the food would be raw and vegan; he seemed cool with it, and then made jokes about bringing an entire goat to eat or something like that over the two or three weeks leading up to the dinner.

When he showed up, he pulled out his phone and said he was just going to order a pizza from Bali Buda real quick. The dinner was part of a study group that we were both in, so the actual dinner wasn’t the focus of our gathering. Nonetheless, though I thought he was joking the whole time, there was a serious undertone to it. He was adamant about the fact that he would never like vegetables and that he needed food as he was starving after a long day of work.

I managed to convince him that he would be more than satisfied by what I had whipped up. Sorry, I mean Freeshed up. He was tentative at first, but by the end of the meal he was digging into every dish without the slightest bit of hesitation! One of his favorites was this dish.

Serves 1-2 people as Main Course or 3-4 as Appetizer.


Raw Tuscan Herb Marinated Vegetables Recipe = Meat Lovers’ Dream 😉

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