Raw Zucchini Pasta Al Fredo and Beetballs

  1. Love this! Especially because there are beets in the “meatballs”, but I can never resist a plate piled high with lots of colorful veggies!

  2. Thankyou for sharing all your wonderful recipies they are so delicious !:) what can i substitute for irish moss in the beet balls? This dish looks so colourful and feels so fullfilling!
    Also do you know if the garlic onion powder we can buy in Bali is the real deal? I get so nervous these powders having fillers in them !

    • Hi Victoria,

      You’re welcome – glad you’re enjoying them!

      Replace Irish Moss with a combo of more beets and walnuts. Or button mushrooms. If you’re in Bali Irish Moss i very available though, and super cheap. Local name is bulung. Ask your pembantu to get you some, she’ll know where to. Locals eat it as a salad.

      I’m not too worried about the herbs, spices and powders. They’re not organic (except from Down to Earth – they’ve got some really good ones) but I feel like they’re pretty good quality. You can also buy imported ones that are a bit of a rip but definitely don’t have fillers. McCormick brand stuff is in a couple of the supermarkets here in Ubud.

      Hope that helps 🙂

      • Thankyou so much! Thanks for the heads up with the bulung i am in Bali and couldnt remember the name for the irish moss here do happily off to the market I will go .im looking foward to making this recipie looks delicious! 🙂 as do the blueberry bliss balls ive got raspberries so will use them Yum!

  3. Where are the recipes????? 🙁

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