Raw Durian Ranch Salad Dressing

Jonny Freeesh and the Biggest Durian in the History of Bali

Any of you that follow my Facebook page know how much of a Durian fiend I am. At least as of yesterday, when I posted pictures of the biggest Durian in the history of Bali. I consulted all the major players in the Durian game on the Island of the Durian Gods and they confirmed that it was indeed the biggest Durian ever. The kind lady that sold it to me after a good 20 minutes of haggling said that it weighed 13 Kilos!!! Here’s a picture of me during the happiest moment of my life, and any of my past lives if you believe in that sort of thing. To see the rest of the pictures click on this one.


5 Minutes Later, it was all gone

Being the Durian fiend that I am, I am always looking for creative ways to use it in recipes. Listed below is one of my favorites. I put it on all sorts of salads, and it goes particularly well with fruit-infused ones. I like to throw mango and jackfruit in mine.

Raw Durian Ranch Salad Dressing Recipe


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½ cup Durian
½ cup Sweet Passionfruit
1 cup Water (or coconut water if you’ve got it)
1 ½ tsp Apple Cider Vinegar
1 tsp Tamari/Braggs/Nama Shoyu
1 tsp Salt
½ tsp Onion Powder
½ tsp Garlic Powder
2 ½ tsp Dried Parsley
1 ½ tsp Dried Sage
1 ½ tsp Dried Basil

Blend it all together and serve!

How to Tell if your Passionfruit is Sweet or Sour

In case you aren’t sure what exactly I mean by sweet passionfruit, they are the larger orange ones with clearer, less colorful liquid/gel surrounding the seeds. I believe they are called Granadillas sometimes. Granadillas are a different fruit that looks similar to these sweet passionfruits, and are much bigger. I have it from a good fruit authority that they aren’t very good, which is why they aren’t very well known. The Sweet Passionfruits are pictured below. In Bali both the sweet and the sour passionfruit go by the name of Markisa. In Ubud they are sold at the supermarkets, and the sour ones are generally only found at the markets or in small local shops. 


It is rare that I find the more common small purple ones (pictured below), but you can find bigger ones ranging in color from light yellow to light green that look like the Granadillas that are also sour. If the liquid/gel surrounding the seeds is yellow or orange, they are likely to be sour. I couldn’t find a picture of them online but I will take one next time I get them.


One last note – you can generally tell that a passionfruit is ripe when it’s skin is starting to wrinkle, but this is far from an absolute truth. In my experience the sweet ones are more consistently ripe than the sour ones, but the sour ones are more delicious :). I’ve never tried to use the sour ones in this recipe because they are harder to find and when I do find them I prefer to put them in desserts. Speaking of which, I am inches from perfecting my Durian Passionfruit Pie, so the next time I find a batch of sour passionfruit you can expect that recipe.


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