Raw Soursop Cake Recipe with Pili Nut Icing

Raw Soursop Cake with Pili Nut Icing Recipe

Soursop, or Sirsak in Indonesian, is one of my favorite fruits. It has this intense sweet and sour tangy taste to it, and i’ve found that it can be hard to find really good, ripe soursop, so when I do it is a real treat. I also have some really fond memories of my first travels through Indonesia associated with it. The guy who introduced me to raw food also introduced me to soursop on that trip, and we went to town on probably the best soursop I’ve ever had in the mountainous regions of Flores between Labuan Bajo and Kelimutu.

Normally I prefer to eat soursop on its own, for two reasons :

  1. It’s sublime and needs nothing to complement it.
  2. Separating the flesh from the seeds requires serious effort.

However, because it can be difficult to find good soursop, when I do I will often buy a significant quantity of it. When I made this cake, that was the case. I bought 2 huge organic soursops from a cute little fruit stall I happened upon when I was driving back to Ubud from South Bali one day, and there was no way I was going to be able to eat all of the flesh before it went bad. So I ate half of one, deseeded the rest, and froze it. Then I made this cake a couple times with the frozen flesh. And it was phenomenal!
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