Raw Food Magazine Goes Digital

Raw Food Magazine Goes Digital Almost everything can be bought via a smartphone today: clothes, food, wine, and even magazines! The best part of downloading magazines is that right after payment, you can immediately download it for reading. No need to stand up and walk to a newsstand. You don’t even have to worry about […]

A Review of Fragrant Vanilla Cake’s Cookbook : Sweet & Savory

When Amy Lyons, the creative genius behind one of the best Raw Dessert blogs on the web, Fragrant Vanilla Cake, asked me to write a review of her new book I was honored and excited. I was particularly eager to try some of her recipes, as, being a recipe creator myself, I rarely try other […]

An Interview with Mia Man of Graciously Green & Her Recipe for Raw Pistachio Pesto

[av_image src=’http://jonnyfreesh.com/wp-content/uploads/Mia.jpg’ attachment=’4242′ align=’left’ animation=’no-animation’ link=” target=”] Mia Man is a Raw Chef, a fellow Pure Joy Academy Graduate, a certified Institute for Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, the owner of an Organic Produce delivery service in Hong Kong, and the future head chef at a healthy food kitchen called NYLA in Dubai, where she currently resides. […]

Red Maca – The Best of the Best, Plus A Red Maca Smoothie Recipe

The word superfoods gets used quite liberally these days. There seems to be a literally unending new supply of them. But what is a superfood, really? Well there’s a couple nutritional indexes out there that measure the value of foods. One is the ANDI, or Aggregate Nutrient Density Index. Another, the ORAC, or Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity. […]

Interview with Bali Raw Food Restaurateur Ben Richards of The Seeds of Life

Ben Richards is an experienced Raw Chef that makes some of the best Raw Food I’ve ever eaten. And that says a lot, considering some of the incredible Raw Chefs I’ve been around and restaurants I’ve visited.  I interviewed him a while back, but wanted to follow up with him because he and his partner, […]

An Interview with Raw Dessert Master Amy Lyons of Fragrant Vanilla Cake – Plus Her Recipe for Raw Mini Mexican Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Pies!!!

Amy Lyons is the mastermind behind the Raw Dessert Nirvana of a Blog that is Fragrant Vanilla Cake. She loves to run, eat real, healthy food, and Freesh up stunningly beautiful and incredibly delicious Raw Dessert Recipes. She makes some damn tasty savory recipes as well, but has developed a following for her desserts. Learn […]

Interview with Moein Nejad of Vegan Ideal World

A couple months back I was approached by Moein to do an interview for his site, Vegan Ideal World. I was really surprised that this kind of lifestyle was so international, so I wanted to do a reciprocal interview to get some insights into what it’s like eating a Raw Vegan diet and promoting this lifestyle […]

6 Benefits of Juice Fasting and Why it’s The Most Important Part of My High Raw Diet

I absolutely love juicing. Here’s 6 big reasons why : 1. Clarity of Mind I was simply blown away how clear my mind was when I started juice fasting. I hadn’t thought so lucidly since I was a kid. Everything in my life that I was confused about seemed seemed to magically become simple and […]

7 Raw Dessert Recipes that will Rock Your World

Raw Dessert Recipes are not in short supply. With good reason. They are easy to make, taste incredible and the healthiest of all desserts on the planet! So if you’re trying to figure out which one to make, it can be a difficult decision. So many choices. How do you tell which ones are good […]

The Whole Food Homie – An Interview and Rap from the Whole Food Dude

Meet The Whole Food Dude. He’s one of the most entertaining and unique Healthy Eating advocates I’ve come across. We connected in Bali on an extremely unique and surprising basis…He also Raps! His first music, “Organic and I Know It” already has 6.5K views and is bound to skyrocket any day now. It’s hilarious and […]