Recipe Book Giveaway Plus Raw Stuffed Tomatoes with Herb Tapenade

A couple weeks ago I released a Recipe Book, Raw Food Made Fun, Easy & Beautiful. Yaaaayyyy! It is the culmination of a year’s worth of recipe development and teaching. You can get your copy here. But you may want to wait a second! Today I’ll be running a giveaway for Two Free Copies! Plus I’ll be sharing […]

Philly Cheese Steak – The Raw, Vegan & Healthy Version

Before I feasted on raw food that was almost entirely vegan, (Oh My Gosh yes I eat honey so I guess you could say I’m Beegan!), You could often find me at a fast food restaurant seated, Snackin on crap that was packed with greases, meats, processed breads and sliced philly cheeses, and afterwards i’d […]

Lentil Hummus : Sprouted, Raw & Delicious

Hummus is downright unfairly delicious. I once read this article about how the massive demand of hummus was the sole factor responsible for a number of farmers exchanging crops for chick peas. This article isn’t the exact one I read, but it drives the point across. Unfortunately, raw chick peas don’t have the same flavor as […]

Flax Crackers Recipe – Sprouted Lentils & Gojiberries

When it comes to making a new flax crackers recipe, there’s a few key components. Flax meal or soaked flax seeds. Haha I had to do it. On a more serious note, I am not a fan of using whole, unsoaked flax seeds in my flax crackers recipes. Either they need to be ground into […]

Raw Zucchini Pasta Al Fredo and Beetballs

Raw Zucchini Pasta is one of the staples of our cuisine. It’s probably one of the first gourmet dishes ever created in raw food, and is still found on the overwhelming majority of raw food restaurant menus. And with good reason. Many in fact. Here’s just a few good reasons why Raw Zucchini Pasta is […]

Raw Onion Bread – Forget About the Baked Stuff!

When I first started eating a high raw diet, the type of foods I craved the most were doughy, bready ones. Though I had eaten a diet very high in meat for most of my life, it was pretty easy for me to give up. The other major component of my diet were grains, particularly […]

Mouthwatering Food Yogi Inspired Mini Raw Pizza Recipe

I just did an interview with a really cool up and coming Vegan blogger in Iran, and he asked me a question about the typical modern lifestyle, and what changes I thought would be positive for it. The first thing that came to mind was the education system. In the 18 years of formal schooling […]

Raw Smoky Eggplant Jerky

Raw Lasagna with Smoked Eggplant Jerky

As one of my Facebook fans said in his comment when he voted for this recipe, “I need some eggplant and some smokiness in my life.” Here, here Tom. After a while eating a mostly Raw Food diet, I suddenly came to the realization that there was a stark lack of eggplant recipes. I love eggplant, […]