Creamy Durian Wasabi White Pepper Sauce

Hey did I mention that I love Durian? No? Watch this video then. Now you understand. 😉 Now look at some food porn! This recipe is one of the more eccentric Durian recipes that I’ve concocted, but it’s freeshin’ awesome. Durian is so rich, creamy, and, often sweet, that it mixes perfectly with spicy, hot […]

Raw Truffles Recipe – Durian Chocolate Mesquite

Hey, did I mention that I love Durian? What about Chocolate? Many, many times you say? Oh yeah, that’s right, now I remember 😉 Well I haven’t been so outspoken about Mesquite Powder, so I’ll talk about that instead this time. It’s really delicious. Really, really delicious. This is the first time I used it […]

Raw Chocolate Durian Hazelnut Pudding

Raw Chocolate Durian Hazelnut Pudding

I’ve been promising you guys another Durian recipe for a while, and I’m a man who sticks to his word. Durian doesn’t really require any additional ingredients to be delicious, but diversifying the flavor and intensity levels of it is a nice way to mix up one’s Durian consumption. I was eating Durian so frequently […]

Raw Durian Ranch Salad Dressing

Jonny Freeesh and the Biggest Durian in the History of Bali

Any of you that follow my Facebook page know how much of a Durian fiend I am. At least as of yesterday, when I posted pictures of the biggest Durian in the history of Bali. I consulted all the major players in the Durian game on the Island of the Durian Gods and they confirmed that […]

8 Reasons Why Durian is the King of Fruits

Miss World Durian

1. When Durian is in the house you know it The quality which has earned my favorite fruit (sorry Soursop you’ve been surpassed) its notoriety, an invasively pungent odor, has been described as “pig-shit, turpentine and onions garnished with a gym sock,” and has gotten it banned on public transport systems, hotels, and a littany […]