Creamy Durian Wasabi White Pepper Sauce

Hey did I mention that I love Durian? No? Watch this video then. Now you understand. 😉 Now look at some food porn! This recipe is one of the more eccentric Durian recipes that I’ve concocted, but it’s freeshin’ awesome. Durian is so rich, creamy, and, often sweet, that it mixes perfectly with spicy, hot […]

Raw Truffles Recipe – Durian Chocolate Mesquite

Hey, did I mention that I love Durian? What about Chocolate? Many, many times you say? Oh yeah, that’s right, now I remember 😉 Well I haven’t been so outspoken about Mesquite Powder, so I’ll talk about that instead this time. It’s really delicious. Really, really delicious. This is the first time I used it […]

Durian Chia Pudding

Did you know that I like Durian? No? Whaaaaaaaattttt!?!?!? I like it So much that I wrote a song about it! Yeah, so, hurry in if you wanna get some of this Durian Chia Pudding. Before it’s all gone. Oh. Wait. It’s gone. Sorry. Actually I’m not. I’ve got the Durian Madness, so there’s No […]

Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe with Durian Vanilla Filling

My 1st Chocolate Easter Egg Recipe! Hope Bubby don’t see this 😉 When I was a young lad I had some serious jealousy issues. Particularly during holiday season. As a boy of the Jewish faith, I was never satisfied with our holidays. Hanukkah, Rosh Hashanah, Passover. They all seemed to pale in comparison to the […]

Mango Passionfruit and Durian Pineapple Tartlets

Tartlets are a great dessert recipe for one key reason : You can eat them right away! Due to their small stature, they need not set before they are ready to eat. In fact, they may be better when they’re gooey! They’re also very versatile because you can make one crust for multiple filling flavors. […]

Raw Fudge Recipe – Chocolate Durian

I had some Lemongrass Macadamia Icing from a cake leftover! Whenever I need to whip up a dessert quick fast that I know is going to be delicious and beautiful, I go with one of my super easy raw fudge recipes. It takes 5-10 minutes max using this template to Freesh up a gourmet raw […]

Raw Coconut Durian Fudge Recipe

Go Make this Raw Coconut Durian Fudge Recipe Right Now! You Won’t Regret it. I Promise Well it has been a long last few weeks. My dreams are filled with WordPress plugins and css codes. But it has all been worth it. My new site is finally up and running, and the Durians have started […]