Green Salad with Thick Marinara Vinaigrette

Many of the recipes on my site are of the gourmet, decadent variety. I absolutely love this kind of food. I eat it every day. In moderation. It’s the type of food that is invaluable for transitioning to raw. And this site, as well as my raw food courses, caters significantly to that person who […]

Raw Zucchini Pasta Al Fredo and Beetballs

Raw Zucchini Pasta is one of the staples of our cuisine. It’s probably one of the first gourmet dishes ever created in raw food, and is still found on the overwhelming majority of raw food restaurant menus. And with good reason. Many in fact. Here’s just a few good reasons why Raw Zucchini Pasta is […]

Mouthwatering Food Yogi Inspired Mini Raw Pizza Recipe

I just did an interview with a really cool up and coming Vegan blogger in Iran, and he asked me a question about the typical modern lifestyle, and what changes I thought would be positive for it. The first thing that came to mind was the education system. In the 18 years of formal schooling […]

Raw Basil Cucumber Pesto Recipe

I’ll be making a post soon about how I made the DIY Photo Box that allows a photographically challenged human being like myself to take such beautiful food photos. I absolutely adore basil. It’s in a close competition with cilantro as my favorite herb. The next pesto I’ll be making will have both in it! […]