6 Benefits of Juice Fasting and Why it’s The Most Important Part of My High Raw Diet

I absolutely love juicing. Here’s 6 big reasons why : 1. Clarity of Mind I was simply blown away how clear my mind was when I started juice fasting. I hadn’t thought so lucidly since I was a kid. Everything in my life that I was confused about seemed seemed to magically become simple and […]

Ruminations on Juice Fasting and Three Delicious Juice Recipes

Glorious Green Juice Recipe by Raw Food Bali

In the Mood for Juicing For the majority of May I was either busting my butt setting up, running, and making food for workshops, classes and events, or floating blissfully in the turquoise waters surrounding the Komodo Islands. I had a ton of fun, spent some quality time with my brother and one of my […]

The Danny Saggers Juice Fast Plan

Before and After Pictures from a 10 Day Juice Fast

Danny Saggers is the man I have to thank for introducing me to the wonderful world of raw food in all its glory. Nutrition is his passion, and he loves sharing his knowledge with anyone he comes in contact with. My journey to a healthy raw food lifestyle started with his juice fast. Two weeks […]