Raw Chocolate Salty Balls Recipe – In Honor of Chef

Who’s the greatest TV chef ever? Anthony Bourdain? No. Gordon Ramsey? Not a chance. Jamie Oliver? Don’t make me laugh. The answer? That’s easy. Chef. He doesn’t even need a traditional human name. He is Chef. The one and only. Voiced by Isaac Hayes and scripted by the geniuses behind the greatest TV show of […]

Raw Chocolate Tart Recipe with Almond Butter Icing

Raw Chocolate Tart Recipe with Almond Butter Icing

If there’s one thing I’ve learned since getting in the Raw Food game it’s that people freakin love chocolate. As a chef I’m constantly asking people what kind of food they like and dislike, and I have yet to meet someone who dislikes chocolate. I’ve met a few people who aren’t huge on chocolate. But […]

Raw Carrot Cake Recipe with Coconut Butter Icing

I dedicate this recipe to my Dad and my Bubbies (that’s what I call my grandmothers). Don’t really know why, but I had this strong urge to put a Star of David into this cake. Might have to do with the fact that my Dad loves carrot cake, or that I’ve been saying Jewish prayers […]